Dreams – you can live it!!!

Its been a while since I woke up early , so its worthwhile to freeze some thoughts when I am early today. Last two weeks, there has been a change in my schedules, I had traveled out of my comfort zone to chase my dreams!!(huh..:)). Yes Dreams in plural!

But this post is about a dream – to be inside a class like they show in online courses, or like the ones I fantasize about in the big league. When I first rode past the IIIT in electronics city , I thought entering those gates were not even worth dreaming because they wouldn’t let me in. But I went back and checked the options, they didn’t have openings!

In few months, when they had, I entered in:)!! I have been going there since May, but it was only on August 4,2016, the magnanimity of the situation sinked in me.

First and foremost, our education institutions exist for the sake of it and student interest come last in making and delivering courses. In most places you are asked to take unrelated courses even if you are a phd student and submissive students do so for paper grades! But when you make a choice about the courses you take, that’s the first sign of pursuing your interests. And it also places the teachers in a difficult situation, because if the students, dont see a value in them, those teachers are in risk of being left alone.

In these circumstances it felt like a treat to read the list of courses being offered for this semester in International Institute of Information Technology,Bangalore! Though I had room only for two courses , randomness and curiosity combined made me register for three!!! I am taking machine learning, geometric modeling and advanced machine perception, each with different objectives. In machine learning, I am going beneath what I know to strengthen my basics, in geometric modeling I am out of my comfort zone , having to stretch my math and programming abilities and in advanced machine perception I am going to tick my to-do lists that seemed eternal!

And when I sat in the first machine learning class, voila, I knew this is gonna be a dopamine store. The professor started by saying that in this era where information is available everywhere, class room is not the place for information exchange but for getting trained in thinking through leading us to see insights!  And he did it:)!!! How often you see a bunch of 150 young people waking up early in the morning for a class and most of them in rapt attention. (May be for Kabali:))!.Yes the prof is on the ranks of super star!

Geometric modeling – The way in which he had led us to think about it and various applications of it – intrigued. And he earned our respect by displaying control over the subject in the choice of content. Before persons like this, you just submit yourself:)! Every now and then , this class challenges me by jolting my basics. That which gets shaked gets stronger as well:)!! The latest gem from this class is discovering that circles can be represented using a lower order polynomial in a parameter! This is an unknown but curious territory, in chosing to travel down this lane, I risk being jaded, but at the same time, the scenarios you see are beyond your imagination!!!

Advanced machine perception – the course is designed to be broad and lets you wet your feet in different streams , one each in four months. So its four courses packed in to one. I am amazed by the thought process that goes behind designing these courses. It includes those areas which I have in my todo list which I considered that will remain eternal, but in four months they are going to be ticked!!

Believing that things are in place for you is a good feeling, because not often in life, you get to feel that in this world! I cursed randomness many at times, but this one phase in life, I dont mind stretching beyond my limits, because randomness has showered his blessings on me. Two roads diverged under a bridge and I take them both! These classes are my dream! I will stay awake to make most of them :)!

And yes traveling in itself is out of my comforts, and I traveled quite long for one other dream! Breaking your own misconception about you and getting out of comfort zone, makes you breath a fresh air. I would ask request you to do yourself a favour by inhaling it once in a while.

And when you have a dream, believe in it and keep looking. The world is small and life is short to have dreams as dreams, lets live it!


2 Responses to Dreams – you can live it!!!

  1. Karthik Srinivasan says:

    Looks one another awesome phase in your life.. Wish you more and most..

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