East and west,parenting differs

I am just going to place two incidents in toy shops I have observed at two different times in two different places.

East, Bangalore – A south Indian parent and an awesome 3-4 year old!

There was an excited and enthusiastic kid in front of me on the queue and the reason for his excitement was a new toy he had in hand. His Dad was looking at it all over and I assumed he was trying to figure out what his son would do with the building blocks. He handed it back to the kid and continued in dealing with the issues in billing his bag of purchases.  I poked this little kid with my hand and he turned back with a stare, “Excuse me…” demanding a reason why I touched him. I was awed by his composed nature in asserting his rights! Within twenty seconds he started screaming aloud for reasons hard to decipher. There was a conversation between him and his dad , but the sound of his cry was so loud, that one was naturally worried what went wrong. When I asked him what’s wrong, his Dad replied, “He want this toy!” – pointing to that building blocks which he just returned back to the cashier.  That’s wicked, did he just let the kid keep the block so that he won’t disturb him during his shopping?

A random huge toy store in Thousand Oaks California, an awesome Mom:

These toyasaraus – or whatever, even a grown up like me melts inside that place since they have everything a kid would fantasize about – from trains, cycles to video games to puzzles. It must be really difficult to get a kid inside and bring him back with contentment , because any child would want to take home more than he could. I got curious about a conversation between a Mom and a 5 year old and I over heard it.  Mom handed over a bill (I dont remember the number but  it doesnt matter) and instructed the kid, that his budget his limited for that amount and he could make any choice but had to check for the price. The kid then went on a stroll picking up toys and looking for their prices!:)!  At five, you learn to live within limits:))!:)!!

Now these are just two samples, but I trust they are very much representative of the majority. To all those parents, who trick your children, override your own rules, just don’t blame the kid when it repeats it in future.  I know your intentions are pure, but so be the modus operandi.



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