1 is good,2 can be better or worst!3,4,5..?

I go to my movies mostly alone, (surprisingly whenever I had a company, mostly they took me to a Vijay movie) and there is a big reason behind it. I like my movies, I am choosy about them, when the magic unfolds on screen I am in to that world and its in to me. I don’t wish to be disturbed by pop-corn munches or the trivial comments from some one next to me.  But still I am not always spared, there were occasions when people sitting me were big nuisance , having a compelling need to make a comment about every move in the movie, to their movie partner . So indeed I feel great , when I get a couple (they don’t talk much) or a loner like me next to me at the movies.

Same is the case with eating out, but I guess I am not stringent about it and having a eating partner doesn’t hurt if he/she shares your taste. Back to the movies, many have a habit of watching a movie solely because of the peer pressure to update their two cents about it before a friend does.With such objectives,they keep looking for those moments and  try out their views with the guy next before making it permanent on the history of facebook and twitter.

And now lets get to a utopia, where you have a friend who thinks the way you do, and enjoys the stuff you enjoy. Considering there are trillions of neurons in our brains and asking them to work alike has a tiny probability of finding a atom among all the number of atoms in the world. But lets take that, some where a group of ten neurons are firing close enough- that’s similar interest(GVM movie?!). I have had experiences with this too, though the vision might match, the mission execution could be vastly different. For example, I have this friend of mine who enjoys the GVM show as I do, so I don’t mind having him next to me (He doesn’t speak during movies). But to get this brat , I will have to deal with all his uncertainties, right from the time of booking to the time we meet. If synchronization can be hard in a deterministic multiprocessor, think again about the million-billion neurons in our mind. Its fun when it works even a little, but doesn’t come for free.

But at the same time, what good is the thoughts/experience in my mind, if I don’t get to share the joy of it with those who can understand it. One poor guy used to get overdose of it!But now I distribute my thoughts in different threads. When you are alone, your world is really expansive, you could observe anything you chose, walk past any aisle or shop for any length of time. And even skip your meals, if you don’t feel like. But when you have someone around, you will have to adhere to their stomach needs and endurance of legs.

But this whole notion of expansiveness in loneliness is close to an illusion, because you get to see the child in joy, but the child is hardly going to play with you. I didnt call it as an illusion, but just place it closer to it. Also one is lost in one’s own mind, depending on the way the mood swings, it can either be a disney land or a horror island inside you. When one has a company, drifting from horror island to disney land and vice versa is made possible by the one accompanying !

Now you cant arrange  this numbers 1,2 and 3 and so on in any order. They arent always greater or always lesser, but they are never equal. And in case if you can order it, I would say 0 is the best! Where no life exists on earth – not even you, the one who thinks that he is breaking legs with philosophy while writing a blog post. Absolute silence and peace on earth because there is no one to fight! Is that peace at all? Peace is when you have a chance to fight and prevent the need for it.

Now this title is a head fake. Its not about the movies. Well even in movies, when that rare company of mine blurts out something from a perspective I could have never seen, I do get Aha! moments. But may be few of those one’s are hard to digest, but its up to you to send them for digestion or not:)!

1 is okay, 2 is vulnerable, 3 makes it stable, 4 is a pack and anything more is a crowd!








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