Udupi Deluxe Coffee/Tea!

I am not a miser but I dont like to pay more when it can be less. I prefer to buy a packet of batter and make a dozen dosas instead of spending 50 bucks for one. With the same intent instead of spending 10 rs for a coffee/tea I could make 4-5 servings of the same with a packet of milk! I bought couple of packets two months ago. They are just lying around in storage because drinking tea at home doesnt feel the same as you do in a tea-shop. (Coffee shops means something else)!

7::00 AM

Where I am I have this beautiful tea-stand before a hotel, I create my own reasons to visit this place as often as I could. Its sad that they start little late in the morning around seven. So if I am up only around that time, I got there for my morning cup of coffee,caffeine wakes your mind. But what’s even more refreshing is to see some early birds. A bunch of school kids, PG residing men and woman rushing to work. Every face has a destination and goes towards it.I do appreciate the luxury of being lazy and watching them from the sides at that time.

11:30 AM

During week ends, around 11 AM, I  run out of fuel after day-dreaming about the day ahead. I get back to the spot. Now the spot would be filled with youngsters who mostly meet during week ends. They exchange stories and it would be heart warming to see their smiles. Of course you would spot some couples cooing around. You would also see parents roaming around with kids.Mostly during this time I would spot a hustling mom either rushing to a bank or grocery shop who keeps pulling a child who walks lazily holding her hands. Rejuvenated by masala tea, I would mostly have to spend 10 mins on road to cover back the 2 kms to home.

4:00 PM:

After that little nap, I would need a dose of caffeine again. I dont waste much time gazing around and promptly go there for a coffee during this time. My mind would be mostly filled again with dreams and aims for the evening.  The place also would be mostly less crowded during this time. I remember mostly  retired people around this time.

10:00 PM

Even during week days when I sense a long night, I go there for a cup of tea. Easily the best time of the day to be there. Families would have their day out with kids trying to convince their parents for every passing baloon and dolls. Traffic would be  a mess and  you would be bonked by the honking around. Yet just gazing around you would see different kinds of conversations around. Just like the 11 AM version with much better resolution. People will be more relaxed and happy and optimistic.  You will rub a few of that as you sip a cup of badam milk or masala tea. They do really make good masala tea.

Even if you offer me a good tea at home,I would anyday prefer to go to a tea shop. Have been so ever since my college days. Paradoxically I never feel alone in such places, but I even play my tricks to avoid company while going there:)!

Oh the little pleasures of life :)!


One Response to Udupi Deluxe Coffee/Tea!

  1. Karthik says:

    Good one.. Long live tea shops and such refreshing moments.. Sometimes I stop my bike in a Tea shop though better tea would be served at home precisely for those moments..

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