Peerless Movies: 100 days of love


It was quite something to manage to be out from work for a 7 PM show and I do that only to find my debit-card failing me in the ticket counter with just 30 Rs in my wallet. I had to head to home that day. But the next day I tried the same stunt,with some cash loaded. But there was always a question within me, is this movie worth this stunt? – Totally!

154 minutes of BKN’s life:

Balan K Nair, I assume was the Nambiar – the villain of Kerala and is the name of our protagonist. He invites you to the movie and tells you a tale which almost looks like a fantasy to be true,but on second thoughts, it is! Now the story – boy meets a girl,sees her smile and loses his sleep,hunts her down to find she is not meant to be loved , fights for a while with his ego, gives in, while the girl finds a better groom and we are headed for a Minnale styled climax. If its just about this story its a mix of different things we have seen umpteen times on screen.

Its not about it, its about how it was unveiled.  Some where in its soul, the movie wants you to feel the joy of life, just like how it is when you play a video game.  Love at first sight – I hate that! And they do it again –  our hero – who is rich enough, not to worry about his food, when he is fired and extravagant enough to spend his time to hunt a random girl in life. But he is not foolish, he has some ideals in life! Its so romantic to hunt for that smiles until you realize that she is the one who shamed you in high school.

And Sheela – the heroine, who is all what a sensible girl can be. She is not that impulsive Jessie who troubles you with her whims while haunting you with her beauty, but a clear -headed , sensible soul who is capable of appreciating the little beauties in life. Except that she wants to pragmatic as well!

And we have a gamer-friend who is initially too big to fit in to your heart,but manages to find a space inside in those 2 hrs!

This movie needs to be experienced for its light heartedness, never once it tries to be serious but accomplishes what it sets out with ease – to illustrate a slice of the turmoil inside contemporary youth when it comes to making that choice. We are more watchful but yet want to have all the fun in the world.  Life could be an mundane experience filling your well defined needs. You pay for your regrets  by loosing your smiles.What makes your life count is not your money or fame but the memorable moments you make! – These are some serious stuff I interpreted out of this movie.

I felt like I was watching a well made GVM movie – the hero-rival hero -heroine element resembled Minnale, the school episode reminded NEP, and the aesthetically designed interiors of houses GVM,GVM!  The movie ridicules itself,makes fun of cliches then and there,yet takes a cliched story and serves it in a modern shade. Aesthetically and technically brilliant!

Alright, I sure would love to ramble a lot about how funny the movie was, but that would spoil the fun while you watch it. Go watch it!! You will never hate me for letting the story out:)!

The stories in our lives are also not different from each other’s , same old shit, but when you mix some humor and gratitude in life, even travelling in a old scooter that you cherish will be more enjoyable than riding in a comfy luxury car which you treat as a necessity. [Cars/scooter are just metaphors, to appreciate this you need to watch this movie folks]



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