A tale to remember

A bunch of us set out to see the peak of a cliff in Yosemite.  It was a tourist’s favorite and a big week end,so we had loads of people to accompany us. While we were inching closer to the top,I came across something which I remember till date. Its a tale to preserve and hence set out to record that.

A family of four, the parents should be in their late forties but the children must be still in  their first decade on earth. A boy and a girl with their Mom and Dad had been enjoying this exercise all along. The parents must have got tired and they asked their little troop to rest a bit. The little girl was adamant on continuing but it was the steepest ascent towards the peak ahead. The parents naturally instinct would have wanted them to be around while the girl traversed those peaks. So they asked her to wait for a while. But she was adamant and her enthusiasm to reach the top blinded the risks ahead. I was observing this from the sides and something beautiful was in store for the observer. The parents let the girl walk alone!  I followed her …!

She was finding it hard as the altitude grew and she was breathing heavily, but she kept going and reached the peak eventually. The parents with the little boy were cheering up by showing signs whenever she looked back. When she reached the peak she must have felt alone and she didnt show any expressions.

I was busy with my troop and lost these thoughts for a while. But here is the best part of it, after few minutes I got to see that family together. They were cheering up the girl and celebrating their presence in the peak by saying “We (You) have made it..”! The girl was being taught to celebrate success and this scene is still frozen in my eyes.

Being who I am, I read too much in to this event. Having children in your forties, not being there for your child, daring to let your child take risks , above all teaching them to cherish the success that comes your way. Parenting is no fun, but a source of a cocktail of emotions. It includes everything, and those parents taught me something about parenting.


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