Illiteracy and Liberation.

I am Delhi for little over a year, yet I dont speak/understand Hindi with easy. I was able to manage with my limited vocabulary at the cost of few extra bucks in the bargains I had to make in these days.  But  it never hit me hard.

I met a tamilian who settled around Delhi in a conference. I was expecting that she will converse in Tamil or atleast in English with me. But she was going full in Hindi even after I told her that I dont understand Hindi. She remarked “Dont you feel like a illiterate for not knowing hindi and being around here.”

Thats true! Not being able to haggle, unable to read the destination points in bus..etc. Language has made me dependent . If I wasnt able to do it any language then I should have been dependent all my life. Though I have heard education is powerful, I felt its power in her words.


Needless to say, I am restarting my attempts to learn Hindi.


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