Good Morning!

I love to be up at around 5:30 and have a stroll  with a cup of coffee to boot. That has been my favourite way of life, ever since my college days. I can remember some days where I was the first customer who forced the Sub-marine vendor Accet to boil is milk and seek comfort in the warmth of those fire in winter. Wherever I went I would find  a coffee shop(Tea Kadai!)  that I fall in love with.No matter what time of the day it is, if I need some inspiration, I would go far for a walk, and have a coffee with some wild thoughts.

Last August I moved to Delhi, strangely put up in a diplomatic area where even the birds would require permission to visit. Naturally the area had less human movement and just few shops. My mess which serves tasteless coffee starts only at 8. No coffee?- waking up early and staying fresh had been challenged by that fact. I love my mornings but also I love to be up late at night too. Naturally without coffee I became nocturnal. A lot gets done from 6 AM to 8 AM, than the hours of midnight say 12 AM to 3 AM which passes like a whisker unless you are breaking your head with some code. So I always preferred mornings. I had a 60 day vacation and whenever I got up atleast my 7 , my days were bright and long.  But I had difficulty in sustaining it, no coffee! I did bring milk powder, nescafe and brewed my drink. But nothing beats the taste of that milk!

Recently we went pass some residential quarters and and found a co-operative milk store. I knew its existence but its diagonally opposite to my walking trail and I considered going there for milk was waste of time. But I trailed! Initially I was  not careful,and let almost all the milk spill out, had only little left to make curd. But I made more curd out of Rs 5 milk than what I would get in a 20 Rs curd packet. That motivated me to try  inspite of failures. Today I got up early, strolled in the path, walked across to get that milk, and voila, had that coffee I had been longing for!!! Then strolled along the internet lane to just stumble on things which can excite me. “Inspiration is perishable” – read that somewhere, what better time of the day to get inspired.

Morning inspires you, during that transition from darkness to light, you get to see lot of inspiring incidents depending upon the time of the day. If its early at 4-5, you see those early worms amongst us <newspaper vendors,tea stall owners> getting ready and doing their work. 5-7 its the time to be in the park, you can see people doing lot of  crazy things. I just go there and observe it, occasionally I run/jog. But I get my kicks in watching people. 7-8 , I love this time atleast during my stay in Chennai when I have my walk in this stint, I get to see school buses and faces inside it. Variety of faces with myriad expressions. Compare those faces with those adults who are getting ready for offices, you would naturally feel something is wrong in our way of growing up. Give it a break 8-10, I hate to be on the road. When ever I get to start from home at 10 for office, I would see a relaxed atmosphere on the road after the morning rush. I even knew which buses to pick to increase my probability of getting a window seat for that 20 minute ride. The window through which I see the world around me.

I would feel like a man in the park for the whole day whenever I get up early. That’s because not only it inspires you, a lot gets done in the morning and you feel like the day is really long and you can afford to be slow. I post most of my blogs around this time when I have some time to kill and is also in the zone to think. Have been missing them for long. I am not the guy who forces my body to wake up, whenever I tried that it hurts. I want things to happen naturally and it did happen today!!! And I have a gut feeling that I would sustain it too.

The gut feeling was sponsored by Nescafe made from pure toned “Mothers diary milk”. Good Mornings always have caffeine attached to it.



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