Cleaned by Masala

Its feels guilty to not have posted anything here even after a month of vacation. I am trying to stamp my feet too many things, hence this break. For this vacation, I have set up a mini-kitchen to serve my south grown taste buds with its native food.  Hence I went in search of  a south indian  grocery shop. I did this 10 days after I decided to do it. Unfortunately it was the weekly holiday for that shop. Hence I roamed around and found a south indian place to eat. The place was clean and neat and food was great. Happy ending!

I went again after 2 days to get the grocery and I stumbled on a south indian food joint next to the grocery store. The entrance was a fancy hoarding but the steps lead to a cramped place. I should have walked down by now after looking at the place. But the love for Masala dosa and to intention to save some cooking efforts for the night made me sit and order a “Mysore Masala Dosa”. Dosa didnt take me to mysore but I felt tired equivalent to what I would have felt if I have traveled to Mysore. As soon as I had my first bite I realized something is wrong with the Dosa. But the 75 bucks I paid for it and the once remote sermon “Do not  waste any food” took center stage and made me gulp it.

I should thank the time taken for our digestive system to attempt to digest the Masala dosa. I reached my place in that time lapse. I went to bed early in an attempt to get fresh for a new lease of south indian life from tomorrow. By now my system should have understood that digesting that massive stinken dosa load is not possible. It started giving me signals!  And then I was visiting the toilet for every 15 minutes the whole night. I got so tired of the routine , that I wrapped a towel and attempted to sleep . As the sun rose It appeared that the last pieces of  potato had either been sent this way or that way.

Thanks to that Masala cleansing. I felt a lot better the next day. We do clean our desk, tables and all other belongings. But do we take care to clean our hard working internal system. Nature has its own way to do it and this one was Masala induced cleaning.

Thank you “Triupathi Bhavan” You removed my guilt.


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