Know and extend your limits!

Anyone who walks in to the realm of calculus, would stop by and admire the beauty in limits.  Its where I discovered infinity and  infinitesimal. This post is about the limits we have in life and the possibility of extending it.

We are limited in our abilities, we have only 24 hours and five senses and plenty of wishes and thoughts to do. Human brain is a sequential machine, where you cannot even think of thinking two thoughts at once, but cannot think it in actual.  Your thoughts are precious and how often we waste that limited resource by thinking about something detrimental. If you count on the hours that you actually make it count in your own ways, how much is it out of 24?

Well my score was pathetically low, but for today it is very close to 24(extrapolating 20 to 24!). Let me record this beautiful day of mine which showed me how to extend the limits. Almost 24 hours ago a friend of mine woke me up from a slumber and shared lot of good things along with a story!I passed on that story and got lot more stories from people around.

If you are reading this and if you have been part of this day, you would know your part in this day! So I am not going to elaborate on those. Briefly I got to know that one of my friends was going places!, spoke with another who took a leadership challenge and we did a post-mortem analysis, connected with my mentor who in a way pushed my adrenalin, the ever greeky partial differential equation book was a page turner,met some interesting people in the campus whom I didnt cross paths in last 9 months, reconnected with a old friend from a distant land. The best of all was the video about “Joy” which I got from my senior friend.  Surprisingly a friend willingly volunteered for my evening walks which I usually do alone.When such people fill in my limited thought process, negative thoughts run out of space and just wait around in the corner.

You might think that I was always on phone/chat/cafe to be able to entertain these many people. But it was one of the most productive days. I filled up notebooks and wrote more code almost thrice of what I do in  a normal day. Just because my limits were extended. When I was almost ready to sleep,I stumbled on google science fair video and the recording of final event.

Google runs a global competition where students between 13-18 submit their ideas to change the world. The final 15 were taken to googleplex – the disney land of geeks and celebrated along with their inventions. It was a celebration of science and childhood! Two things which I strongly believe in, if one wants to have a better world, the way to it is to grow better kids. These kids were simply beyond their ages and the chief guests insisted on the importance of science and made it even more attractive. Unfortunately we have made it difficult to live inspite of the technology. One car is good but one million car results in traffic jam. They illustrated such points and emphasized the importance of using knowledge as a weapon which is the only way to help the world. Instead of saying “Conquer the world” it was a plea “to help the world”.

That made me unable to sleep for the night and continued on the hacking! Not just because I wanted to just  complete the project,but I felt I am capable and responsible to serve the world. When I don’t like a thing in the world, I think about it, and my helplessness about it and regret a lot. It was a limiting factor. Some how these kids and those wonderful people made me feel that when you become capable and responsible , you can change the thing you don’t want to think about. That is the way of knowing your limits and extending it.

Surround yourself with good people and hence good thoughts, feel the responsibility and the rest is going to follow….


2 Responses to Know and extend your limits!

  1. Rajeev Nambiar says:

    Really thought provoking Deepak. Very well crafted. Way to go.Cheers!!!

  2. Yuvaraju says:

    Very true Deepak. Nice write up ………..we dont think of the bigger purpouse of lfe and are always on fire fighting mode.

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