Lessons from life of pi

1” Thank you, Vishnu, for introducing me to Christ.“. An athiest father, pious mother , quarrelsome brother and PI thanking Vishnu for introducing Christ – An open minded environment in which pi grew up. Loved their discussions on dinner table.

2.. To get rid of Piscine name and establish Pi, the little boy tries out a few things which didnt work out, but when he goes on to fill the board with pi,folks are surprised and give in to him.

3. “”You think tiger is your friend, he is an animal, not a playmate”.At times its necessary to show our children the ugliness of real world, so that they aren’t bogged down when they discover it on their own. Ex: Illustration of the nature of tiger by feeding it.

4.”Hunger can change everything you thought you knew yourself!” – The strict vegetarian who refused to take meat yearns for the flesh of fish in the middle of the sea. Dont be fanatic over our principles, your faith in them will be shaken when your survival is threatened.

5.”We are going to sail like Columbus to Canada” – “But Columbus was looking for India!” ; Well said boy, All of us are drifting/sailing across in search of our own India, we may not end up there, but its sure that if we keep trying we will reach America’s. Even Pi ended up in Canada but after discovering his own America in the middle of the sea. Respect and cherish the Americas that reach us.

6.”Faith is a room with many doors” – “Room for doubts” – Oh plenty on every floor, doubts are useful for it tests and keeps the faith alive”. Well said, if you take this in, you will never ever ask your GOD – “Why me?”. But why is that GOD running exams after exams for his students?

7.” What do you see Richard Parker? Tell me what do you see.” — Pi tries to view life from others perspective. He understands the difference between the tiger on board and the danger of having it. Yet he appreciates the life of a tiger. He doesnt expect it to be kind as he is, but he serves the tiger within his limits constantly pushing the limits.

8.”The island was carnivorous.” – All of us take in something from the environment which we live in. Its unfair to bemoan when some one else takes from us. Its the rule of life on earth which should be accepted when you are here. If there were no challenges for life and if it happened to be a n all fair world, then we would be like those meow cats struggling to have our space(its slowly happening for humans!). Ecological balance and the rule of nature – Respect it.

9.”All of life is an act of letting go but what hurts the most is not taking a moment to say goodbye.” When the tiger goes out without even having a farewell sight ,its natural for the boy to cry. But that outburst is from the emotional baggage which we carry. Let go..Dont expect returns.

10. “Peerless movie experience- Go for it” – 90% of the time I go to the movies alone for my timing and choice remains so(Like watching life of pi 4 months after its release or on a Monday evening).When I go alone, I am not really alone, I get to observe a lot about people around me. When we have companion, we are obliged to hear his/her(just for gags) comments about the movie which you don’t want to hear. And also paradoxically when you have company you are separated  from the crowd and you are lost in yourself.So I purposefully avoid people when I set out roaming unless they share my interests.Its not about you folks, its just me.

It was a Monday turned in to Friday(Yes dined at TGIF!)


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