Nee thane en ponvasantham !

Well if you know me , you will probably be aware that I am a big GVM fan. But I didnt like this movie right from when I saw the trailer.It looked like a stupid and usual love story. And when they said its going to be Raja’s musical, I did expect mellifluous melodies which wasnt there and moreover was expecting mind arresting , soul drenching bgm which turned out quite the opposite.

Inspite of all such things, I knew that I wouldnt regret watching this movie and was the first to book the tickets in Delhi for the first days show[Didnt I say FAN?!]. To my disappointment they cancelled that show citing logistics. Having no better thing to do in a holiday I followed the views and reviews from press and people for one full day. And most of them complained that it was a lame and patience testing movie citing various reasons. That should tell us that the movie didnt fullfill the expectations we had! I was heavily biased against the movie and the story in particular. And watching it the next day much of what they said turned out to be true. Too many songs, visuals aren’t great for a GVM movie , a similar/same story as VTV and very talkative!  That’s what the man in the street(met him in the internet lane ) would say. Yep it was true but the movie worked for me. I didnt regret watching it and  I was happy that I didn’t want to watch it again.

But looking back at the songs now, I feel this is a movie to have in collection! This is no analysis of the movie and I don’t claim it to be a great/classic movie. But let me tell you what appealed to me. SUBTLENESS! Oh lengthy and tiring dialogues and you call them subtle? The dialogues weren’t dramatic as it was in VTV or other movies, but very realistic. Its very much like how we would argue with your closed ones (friend included?!) in real life. Well there were cinematic elements in the story but the narration was closer to reality.

When it was advertised that “It could be your love story!” everyone had a colorful fantasy in mind. There was some one tweeting “Dear Gautam My love story couldnt be as lame as this one!” Yes we all wish for it but in reality it’s lame[Observation and a subjective opinion. If you disagree citing your personal experience I am happy for you]. In today’s world we are pressed with conflicting needs and maintaining a romantic relationship from school days will require loads of effort and tiring. And thats what happens on screen in this movie! Lovely warning:)!

When the movie was out, most of the people I knew were bad mouthing it, even without watching it. They were genuinely propagating messages which they have received from others. And not just in for movies, even for other issues in life we fail to see our reaction to it and get to act the way the majority acts. In doing so, we fail to realize our relation to the issue and risk being blind and deaf by not using our eyes and ears. The movie was just an analogy, but here I am refering to a much stronger and despicable event which occurred recently. 

See for yourself and look what you can do with it rather than borrowing ideas and distributing responsibilities.


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