The battle on the bed!

It tough to think when a part of you thinks ahead and thinks something convincing against what you think. I am pointing about the battle between part of you  thinking of “waking up” and the other part in  you which gives reasons against waking. Often these reasons are convincing enough to put the former part to rest before the alarm snoozes again. In my many experiences, those convincing reasons were revealed to be stupid as soon as I get over them and the hazy sleep.

The insight here is that the logical part of Me is completely put to sleep while I am sleeping and hence it just needs a reason which I assume to be convincing enough even if its devoid of logic. Therefore unless I have strong emotional reasons to sacrifice my ego in that virtual battle, I am going to be in slumber for a long time until the other part which wants me to sleep goes to sleep and helps me wake up on my own.


I have been loosing this battle for a long time and my current wake up time hovers around 8:30 AM and it should be 6:00 AM for a normal life in my life! A lot can be said about your life on how you wake up everyday! The first thought which comes to your mind on getting up reveals more about your tone of the day! And remember its that first thought which gets you out of the sleep and there is no way for you to fix that thought. Its an automated thought which is a function of your past life and your sleep!. If you have a strong first thought, then its easy to beat the other part of you , who wants you to be in slumber!


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