On sleep and wakeup();

There were nights where I felt which was longer than nile when I couldn’t get in to that unconscious state called sleep even hours after attempting to enter. There were also nights where I entered the world of dreams without losing any time. There were nights when I lay down consciously dreaming about the beautiful life I live, and lost in to sleep without knowing when I got drifted. There were nights where I wasnt aware that its dawn already because I was in to something which removed my thoughts from everything else.

There are mornings where I kick out like a kid with the rising sun, just moments before it with a smile and scream “I beat you dear sun” and say cheers to you with a walk and coffee! There were mornings when I knew what to do after being up even hours before the sun.There were mornings when I was hours before the sun and dont know what to do. There were mornings where the sun woke me up through its shines. There were mornings where I woke up only when the fan gets turned off by power cuts. There were mornings which I wanted to pretend as nights by shutting the windows and getting buried in the blanket. There were mornings which I cursed the sun for coming sooner and resisting to open the eye! There were mornings where I saw the sun only after it was noon!

And various combinations of such mornings and nights makes my days. And I know how good my day is by just looking at how good these mornings and nights are! No one knows for sure what happens when we sleep but this beginning and ending of sleep and everything in between reflects your stature and poise as a person! Its a feedback mechanism by which you can learn on how good you are  at living life.

I see dogs which can sleep in peace on a platform and I have been that poor dog who couldnt sleep well even on a luxurious room in a hotel. All I wish in life is a good sleep! I will take whatever measures it demands and pay whatever it costs! “Buy the best bed you could afford”!


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