Meeting of infinities ..

Its highly impossible to prove each and everything in the world and whatever you consider to be absolutely true is derived from certain assumptions which are just assumptions – universally accepted truths without proofs also called as “axioms” . And Godel proved that , our maths however you expand it ,it will always be incomplete.

For a long time I was thinking about how humans got used to counting and in my opinion it was the root of all good and bad in the universe for quantification aids comparison. And very recently when I heard that in complex numbers there is only one infinity unlike the two infinities on either side of zero, a crazy thought stuck me. That was whether its possible for the positive and negative infinities to meet. Infinity in itself is not a number but a notation to denote the extreme and there is all kinds of wild play with it. But lets not get in to it.  And for a moment pretend that the its true that the infinities meet and I will show you something cute.

If the infinities meet, then when you get to  the extreme on one end ,you will also be the extreme of other end. Like when you think its the end of the world, it will also be the point where the world started. That is your distant future is also the distant past. And if you earn a lot and keep accumulating it and count it till infinity,you will end up to the other extreme where its dearth poverty. So in that world where infinities meet, no one will dare to touch the extremes. That’s a sane world isn’t? Is it what the philosophers and the enlightened souls say that time is an illusion and the world is unbounded?

And lets go in search of patterns. Day and night are extremes of darkness and light and they do meet twice a day which I feel is the meeting of infinities. But given our knowledge about the previous instance we are able to distinguish on whether its a dusk or dawn. Assume that our memory fails us and twice a day we will be wondering whether its going to be day or  night after 10 minutes in that time of day where darkness and light co-exist. The flaw with this pattern is that unlike our meeting of maximums, here the meeting point happens when both darkness and light are at their minimums.

The Big Bang theory (like our infinity axiom its also just a belief)  also says the universe expands and contracts periodically. That sounds similar to the day-night rotations. In all rotations every point is repeated after a certain interval and hence the same point repeats infinetly and you  unless you have a counter counting it, you cant differentiate it. We are here to count the day-night oscillations, hence the calendars but for the other heavenly things our life time and knowledge exhausts before we can count it. So we are unaware of this meeting point of the infinity:) or atleast you can neither prove it disprove it.

And long back when were in the caves without any languages almost all humans would have had a universal way to communicate which is purely out of instincts. But slowly language evolved and due to physical isolation different languages evolved and it became difficult for people living in different regions to communicate with each other. There were chaos, wars,discrimination because of it. Now given the internet and globalization,its highly possible that one language like English may emerge as a language known all over the world (Like english.. and possible..and not any sooner a very distant future) and then the whole world is again able to communicate with each other like the way they started. So they arent exactly the same but still they share the same property and they indicate a similar point on the circle.

Let me stop the fantasies here. Now for something real. Have you observed the north pole and south pole on a flat map and you see how far they are. But assume if you standing on a north pole and you fall on  a never ending pit. You will be in the south pole in a while! Fantasizing about such surreal things is like falling in such non-existent pit. So the so called sane guys take the pain to fly across the surface of the earth spending days instead of falling across pits which could take them there in seconds:)!

 Whilst the infinities meet or not, what I can say is mathematics is the base of our understanding of the world, or we understand the world through maths. Thats true not just for the scientist souls but for everyone. If you think not try removing maths from your thinking and see how incomplete the world is. Atleast for that sake they wouldn’t let the infinities meet..!


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