English Vinglish – That doesnt matter!

Whatever you think is that which makes you feel inferior or superior over some one, probably that doesnt matter. Because once upon a time you didn’t posses what you posses now and if you wish you can posses what you want to possess if you work towards it. So it doesnt matter and it isnt right to grade people in terms of their wealth intellectual or material.  — This is what I interpreted from  this happy vappy movie on how a conservative house wife who was tormented for her lack of fluency in english  lands in Newyork and learns english in 21 days!

The story is a one-liner and could have been boring had it either went over board on emotions or surreal fun. But its within control and I felt totally  unconscious about everything else for two hours. This isnt a review but a recap of how  and what I felt during the movie. So if you are reading this be prepared to be bored:!.   I loved the way it started, with the lead lady waking up to make a coffee and consuming a newspaper with it.  Given that I am already starved without south indian food, the first few scenes kept my taste buds yearn by being inside the kitchen most of the time. Yes Sashi is that home-maker who spends most of her time in kitchen, but not your average house wife. Because she makes laddus and she delivers it herself to various house holds.How sweet!!!!! And I should introduce you Sagar the cute little kid and an another bubbly yet made to dislike sister. These new age kids and her husband love Sashi but that doesnt stop them from looking down on her since she cant speak English – the mercedz of  todays world.

It so happens that they have a relative who is getting married in new york and Sashi flies in leaving her family to NYC. Boy, I was really as worried as Sashi to learn that Sagar isnt going to be in the movie for some time.  But truly to be somewhere without knowing their language is a unique experience. It’s as if that everything around you has lost value all of a sudden since you cant communicate.  Those struggles were captured with a comical overtone, but I have seen people suffering and I have suffered at times. [Even now, I am watching a movie in a language which I dont understand!]

Sashi has an harrowing experience in a coffee shop and she spots an ad on a bus to learn english in 4 weeks. This is how you expect the screen to be played given that her total stay is only for five weeks:)!- Well played. She takes that decision to enroll in the class without informing anyone in the household. Every outing is an adventure in a new place and more so when you dont understand the signs and talks around you. So every right move brings in a lot of confidence and brightens one up. Sridevi has emoted this exceedingly well and her face speaks of the tiny yet big conquests she makes in the battle of her own. She finds the class and the class is funny enough [Man it contains a software engineer who doesnt know to speak english? ]. I could recollect lot of lighter moments from that English class, as if I have attended the course on my own.

Its not possible to learn a language in 21 days and even the director knows it but its a movie and we ought to give some creative freedom. Nevertheless in lot of scenes , I could see how difficult it is to explain something very simple to someone who hasnt known it . Language is inherently simple and hence complex to learn it. Acquisition of language  happens in an unconscious mode and it was evident when Sashi makes an order without her conscience knowing it in the cafe.

Coming back to the class/movie, the characters were all very supportive to the script and takes the one-liner forward with ease and fun. There were emotions and indeed it reaches the top when you learn that Sashi is going to skip her final exam with family commitments taking the front seat. The french guy’s lopsided love , the guard who waves in the metro station, the teacher who wishes his students to succeed in-spite of knowing their limitations, the niece who supports Sashi with her secretive classes and many more .. were all made and build up to that moment where Sashi sparkles. Along with them its nice for us to applaud and shed some tears when Sashi makes a toast with intense message in English during the climax scene. And like Sashis language, the message is also very simple. Dont rate people and spoil the fun of life!

“Dont forget to make a family of your own. In this otherwise big world, family is  the way to make a little world of your own. Some days you feel less and some days the other feels less. Help each other. And when no one helps you help yourself. No one is better in helping you than yourself. When you help yourself, you return back feeling equal…..!” Wow Man I cringed to pay 300 bucks for a movie but this one speech was worth it!

May be its extra larger than life, but its a movie about life if you could get the cues right. Balki has a trademark and its ticks  with Mrs.Balki to. Happy Vappy movie! I would remember this first movie outing in Delhi for a very long time:)! During the interval when the lights came on, I found almost the entire row next to me was filled with kids and they were all shouting to get their snacks!! Watching them and the movie made my day!


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  1. Deepak says:

    And I forgot to get reminded of how gorgeous the sarees were:))!! If it was me who was watching the saree designs instead of the movie, I cant think about women folks! they are sure to get lost in it.

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