Reliving life through replaying music

When I was in my teens I was indifferent to music and even one of my relative questioned me whether I am really going to “college” for lack of apathy towards music. Everyone loves music and everyone loves the movies and music that got released during their “college days” more than anything. To put it this evolutionary terms everyone loves what they did during their ‘puberty’! Not not just the physical parts but also the mental machine inside gets  developed during these years.  And with enough time in our hands we resort to  music to  amuse ourselves during our college days. We repeat that which feels good with music, because its economical to do so both in terms of cost and time. When you repeat your favourite song,  the heavy working mental machine naturally thinks about a lot of other things too (your favourite moments, your favourite sight!, your conquests, your defeats). And those moments gets ‘music’ stamped. When I hear a song from Anbe Sivam, it not only reminds me of my insecure movie outing but also gives me a feel of how I felt then. Now thats awesome when you can feel any of your old feelings.!

When you are listening to  music and when the music overtakes you, you are not just hearing it,but feeling it.For few it might be the sound which excites them, they attach various emotions for the different frequencies of sound. When I was a kid I enjoyed those songs that sounded beautiful without knowing or bothering about the meaning of the song. The tune was an abstraction for joy and I was happy saying “Dingu donngu rabbapoo…”! But theres more to it, songs in general and ‘tamil’ in particular  are very intense with lot of innuendos and imageries, most of which can be interpreted in different ways depending upon your interest  and inclination. It took me some years, but thanks to Thamarai I discovered it, Her lines are  simple yet packed in them complex imageries..

நீரே இல்லா பாலையில் நின்று பெய்யும் மழை .. [You are that rain which stops and pours over a desert!] . Now the magic is its just very generic. You can choose what you want to have as your desert and rain. And you are sure to remember that rainfall forever in life. It can be taken to reflect that random glance of a diva or it can even be used to model the occasional good work you get to do at work. Thats just to give you the range of imageries which can be fitted in to that equation[Mm… yes I learn maths!] . You may grow up and crush your crushes, but that song always reminds you that innocent and beautiful liking you have carried around. Its a moment of reflection, where your past thoughts are mirrored to your current self. You can look into yourself through some music. Can I call it a mirror for it shows what you are and not what it is?!

What adds more meaning to the song is the people/things around it. That song in the tour, the batch song , or that lullaby which you were tuned to as a child they have their significance for reasons beyond the content of the song. When such songs are replayed the mind pulls the whole bunch of memories associated with those moments and makes you relive them. Conditions apply: This works well when you are relaxed and not when you want to relax through music.

Songs work, because they are made to remember and we attach with them what we want to remember. Its more like a acronym for otherwise difficult details which you wanted to store. I personally can track my life after 20 with Gautam-Thamarai songs.  I didnt even know them, but only their works during the early stages. “மஞ்சள் வெயில் மாலையில்லே..” was the first imagery which tricked me. I saw more than words in to them and there is no looking back from that moment.  Much of human learning happens through finding analogies and through songs its more fun.Words like “ஏழு ஸ்வரங்களுக்குள் எத்தனை பாடல்கள் ? ..” can even explain the periodic table to you.

And I didnt heed to music earlier in my life , because music and most art for that reason is all about love/romance. I was with a opinion of what use this can be if I cant feel what it describes. Later as I grew up I understood that love isnt only meant for the man-woo-woman , but can be felt in all relationships.Not restricted to persons, all of what you do is out of love! But the man-woman relationship dominates that space and has an inexplicable mystery around it. Hence it stands more as a representation and abstraction for “Love” and the artists express themselves using it.

I loved the passion in beatles, you can feel the love in each and every word of it. And the movie “I am Sam..” uses it very well to describe the love of a dad for a little girl. The same songs can be used  for your honeymoon too:)! It takes a while to read a passage or look at an art but music is instantaneous.

Music definitely has a healing quotient  for it  works more close to the workings of your neurons.The feeling is felt even before its described. I often say to myself that our species could have been named as “Feeling beings” rather than human beings ! Music is a faster and closer expression of love!  Add some music in your life and it will enhance the love in whatever you do. Not only that you can replay your present in future.

I may not be technically sound in music, but I have got acquainted with the joys of it to an extent ‘good enough’ to surprise that relative of mine who made that comment!


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