What dreams may come

Another writeup made for toastmasters project 4 CC How to say it.

Last night I was surprised to see myself seated amidst my school friends sitting in the same order as we used to sit and listening to the same teacher we had at school. We were back in school not as grown ups but as the same old cute and clueless children we used to be. This can happen only in dreams and I realized it , that it was a dream only after waking up. What if you can wake up within your dreams, may be you can control “What dreams may come!” and spend more time with your childhood friends in childhood!

Toastmaster of the day, ever dreaming and daring toastmaster friends, and the esteemed guests, I am sure all of you would have experienced dreams.A dream is a series of short youtube videos put together by your host computer , the brain ,from the vast gigabytes of data it has with it.

A dream is very rarely well organised as per CC manual 2 requirements ,mostly they are fuzzy,illogical and forgettable short sequences. One moment you are in your classroom and the next scene may be on a highway or a tiring trek towards a daunting destination. The thinking brain cannot find a connection amidst them, but the feeling brain will embrace a shared emotion in them – a tiring journey. Thus even if dreams defy logic, we could feel the emotion it leaves behind on waking up.

You may not even be able to remember or recollect what has happened in your dreams but you will be reliving the residual emotions the dreams left in you. If it was a nightmare, you may not know what was that which terrified you, but that terrible feeling remains with you as you wake up. If it was a feel gooder, you may not exactly remember what made you feel good but the goodness stays. When you wake up and dig deeper about the dream, you may be disappointed to find your feelings to be baseless.

But these strange scenes ,illogical loopholes are the doors through which you can enter your dreams.If you can open these doors they can lead you to a world of truly infinite possibilities. Think for a moment, that if you can think inside your dream, you can direct your own personal movie with stunning visual and emotional delights. The freedom from the universal laws be it physical or moral lets you fly in your mind. Rising to space ,walk on water,buy an apartment in moon or dating aishwaraya rai, whatver your fantasy is , it can be fulfilled if you can learn to create your dreams.

For sure its an exhilarating entertainment free of cost. Also ,the very same practice can add more value to your waking life. Real life nightmares like giving a public speech or handling a difficult boss can be rehearsed in dreams. While doing so one gets a taste of what its like to do, what one wants to do and serve as a stage rehearsal. Science also says that brain is very busy during this dreamy state and creativity is at its best.It is a maze and when you find your way through it you can unlock greater potentials. If you become better at recollecting dreams, may be you can recover and extend the intuition you obtained in your dreams to real life. Many great scientists like albert einstien , neil bohr have found inspiration for their inventions in their dreams. All it needs to be a director of a dream is a little awareness during your dream that it is a dream.

During our dream, we believe everything in it to be real. Thats because the section of the brain responsible for logic is put to rest. The key to awaken it is questions. When you find something to be strange , ask few questions. Watch out for actions which defy the laws of physics to find out that its a dream Simple questions like whats the date today can lead you to a realisation that its a dream.. Once you attain this awareness , you now have the control of the dream like holding the joy stick of a video game.

Ladies and gentleman we are an amazing product of millions of years of evolution and this 1.5 kg of grey matter in our head is responsible for that greatness and complexity. While we have even conqured space , we are yet to understand what goes in this inner space. Lucid dreaming is a way to enter this untrodden territory and observe whats going on. But I warn you if you are dead in a dream and believe it to be real, I am not sure what happens next. One is always unsure of what dreams may come:)!

The speech happened to be a nightmare project 4 demands the art of using the right words which sounds as music and lightens the subject to the audience. Ideally this script should undergo atleast 2 more iteration before its ‘speech’ ready. Project 4 from in Competent communicator manual is a real delightful trick , a  must have in any speakers kit.


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