What to do when its stuck..Walk..!

Loads of lectures to watch and  some heavy weightlifting  must be done in couple of weeks of time to train my mental muscles If i want to have a fair chance of coming through the screening tests I have decided to take. Three months ago the books in my table seemed like wild beasts. But now they look like wolves which when trained enough can become dogs.

But today evening, I was feeling the heat. I was doing a retrospection and as always the repercussion of retrospections only costs you some more hours of inactivity. The summer was on as well and I tried hard to clean my dirty and scary memories by sleeping. No sleep wasnt due for me at 5 PM and after few minutes I got up and decided that this monotony has to broken. But I had know energy to pushy my body for any strenous physical or mental exercise. The usual stress buster is a movie in PVR.. and decided to do that. While sipping a cup of coffee before taking the PVR bus,it stuck me why not get some fresh sea breeze instead of betting on a average movie. Then I came back home packed some snacks and started walking again.

The wait for the bus to beach was little longer and then it stuck me, why should get hustled in the crowd at this part of the day. Then I took the usual week end stress buster. A long walk till the roundana , book gazing for a while, people looking all the way , few minutes in the park relishing and realising life and then walk back home.

Its been always the case that such will be divided in to different phases,

1. Walk up towards a oddysey:

It would start with a sigh and I would doubt myself whether I can walk all the way and return back without being tired.All those things which I didn’t do well would be getting their space in my mind to remind me on how irregular I am. I would be walking through one of the posh streets one cant help feeling how puny we look before their palatial places. Every now and then a new shop or business would pop up and I would try to discern the feasibility and creativity behind them.

2. At the book store.

I wont rate Oddysey as  a book store for they lack both variety and quantity but still the ambience in which they stock the few best sellers draws a good niche crowd (also foolish?:)!) I scan around for books on kids and if I find one, I will be transported to a different world. I take them and read  them in parts every week! If I dont get any new kid books, I roam around until I find some scintillating title (the likes on how to get a girl to talk to you! How to startup in 21 days). Reading between those books, would give me some false confidence that I can wire up a better one than these. In the mean time, watching people read books is more fascinating experience. One can judge some one by the way their eye balls roles while they were scanning titles. [Doesnt sound like a nice trick to find potential mates [prefixing a soul would make it sound less offensive!]?].  Then I go up to the DVD’s section to check whether there are any cheap golden tamil movies. Years back when my hollywood exposure was close to zero I used to read the synopsis on the back of discs note the list of movies and get them in our own ways. Books, kids, movies .. the supply of these three things would recharge me. I am not sure whether I can force myself to read a book or watch a movie, but watching a kid do something so appealing makes you get over your worries.[mm..the earth runs in this fuel!]

3. In the park.

Towers park on week ends is an absolute delight. Plenty of sights to watch and a post isnt enough to describe all of them. There is beauty even in other wise dirty minded couples who seek darkness and dense bushes. Old couples sitting next to each other with their faces expressing assurance for each other, newly weds hanging out and enjoying the seclusion from family bonds inspite of being surrounded by a human sea, the familiar mom watching dad playing with kid (the best sight of all!) and finally kids running, rolling and rollicking ! Watching these things, I would feel nothing but hope.

4. Walk back

In the park, neuroprogramming is done , to be more apt, redone and lifes goals are reminded. I walk out with that list unwrapping,and comparing myself in this time to a distant some one. My idea of a good life, is being surrounded by great people most of whom are little:)! But to travel this difference in distance , the journey is arduous and  I wish I end up doing something more in life rather than rising my kids and passing my genes. To get there, one needs vision,power….! Its in the walk back to home, those noble  ideals come to my vision and also I get reminded of my idealistic approach to getting things done. I prioritize my tasks and the momentum keeps building. By the time I reach home, I would be mostly a different man than the one who walked out couple of hours ago.

On this particular day I am glad that I saved some money and time by not going to the beach or movie, and glad that  I got to document a little on my favorite walking trail. I am very sure that I would look back and claim that this is the path I walked irrespective of the destination I reached. I did end up doing more than what i did all the day in the four hours following the walk!


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