Job “Less” Days

I have now lived close to two weeks without a day job to do. The main purpose behind it was to make time and read more on my interests and also prepare for certain entrance exams. I also wanted to hone my basics and get  a better hold of the profession I chose or I am in. Irrespective of how things turn , I prefer to stay on my own for few more months until I graduate in my own exams.

Close to two weeks — Am I spending my time the way I wanted to be? Mostly yes and partly no.  I used to watch atleast couple of movies in a week and  couple of books for a fortnight. Looking ahead I feel I should be more productive than being active, and also I want more of my additional readings and movies to be back in my schedule .This blog post is one such attempt to get back some old habits:)!.Rather than brooding on theory I should take up some real-time coding projects. But time is limited desire is unlimited.I found that  to be missing in this phase. [When Action is a onto function mapping every element of set Accomplishment to its domain “Wish” life is fulfilled.]

And currently due to my skills and the nature of exams I am quite overwhelmed and anxious about the exams and I am spending most of my time for it to get me ready for Level 1. I am still at the level where I am working on the prerequisites for getting on board to the preparation wagon.Looking back ,working with discrete maths has given me a new perspective to perceive things. We have all learnt basic algebra at high school without  worrying or realizing on how it can help.I consider myself atleast 10 years intellectually behind in grasping those concepts for they are so simple and interesting. While I am still not confident about finishing off whats required before its time, I am courageous enough for not to give up before its time.

I tried few changes in sleeping habits by taking a nap every five hours for the first week and it worked well. But gave it up when I started taking 15 -30 minutes to change states between waking up and rising up.:) Creativity is clearly not a function of time but productivity is. Productivity also depends on creativity.Creativity is  a state of mind which has to be maintained by doing what the brain needs to be alert and active. Its also in the state of indifference, efficiency takes a high. In other words when you are immersed in what you do , to the extent that you are not worried about the consequences of what you do, you do what you do (be it a murder or an artistic creation) at your best.

The best of efforts are effortless just like how a mothers love is without any tangible selfish intent! Not that there is no effort in it, but the doer doesnt perceive the efforts in it. Its possible to be unaware of your own efforts when you are self-aware of you! Paradoxical – but it isnt a paradox! For Job “less” days in itself is a paradox since I do more and feel like I have less time than those days where I had to work! I can last for the coming rainy season but must be ready to save and spend when the next summer comes…


4 Responses to Job “Less” Days

  1. Very interesting… 🙂 Which exam are you preparing for?

  2. sindu219 says:

    Hmmm… interesting. It is easy to see how driven and passionate you are about your calling. “When Action is a onto function mapping every element of set Accomplishment to its domain “Wish” life is fulfilled” – Wow, I mean this really is the heights of passion 😀

    “Creativity is clearly not a function of time but productivity is” – Ok, I did not quite get it. I feel creativity is a state of enhanced potential of the mind while productivity is putting it to tangible use to produce results in the given time.

    “Creativity is a state of mind which has to be maintained by doing what the brain needs to be alert and active.” – Can that state of mind be maintained? It would be interesting to know how.

    All the best for your exams! 🙂

  3. Deepak says:

    @Rahul CMI chennai in particular for their PG courses.

  4. Deepak says:

    Productivity – I was thinking of “quantity” in that context. When you become capable of doing A type of work and its matter of time and will power, for you to do n*A number of the same work.

    Creativity – As you stated its the enhanced potential of mind where the mind elevates itself to a higher state ,stumbling on things which it hasnt perceived earlier. Few people are studying the science of creativity . But they arent formulated yet like the physical laws akin to newtons [even laws of physics are being challenged :)]

    I agree with your view on creativity and productivity too..Productivity is a result of self-control where as creativity is the opposite of it. To have both in one’s self is difficult but not impossible.

    Thanks for your warm words. I am yet to scale up my studies/skills to fit those description! And even more thanks for your thought provoking comments. It made me think :!

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