3 – Touching new dimensions

I hated “kolaveri” and had an outrage against it. I dont like love at first sight fairy tale stories and above all I wasnt a fan of SelvaRagahavan’s pettai school of movies. And “3” had these three as main ingredients. So I was expected to hate this movie as most others do, rather  after hearing other songs and reading about the movie, I felt its not bad to bet some time and waste some money on it. I did and it turned out to be time and money well spent.

What I liked most about the movie was the fact that it is the director’s first movie and it looked too good for that label. The tale though new was very simple and the director must have chose to have the plot very simple to make her writing easier. Movie starts with something , which you rarely see even at the end of tamil movies – yes it starts with the coffin of the hero being mourned [No I am not revealing anything, actually it helps if you walk in a bit late to the movie]. That indeed sets the tone , that this movie is not a rehash of  “Thulavatho ellamai..” trends. As the name denotes the movie shows us three different phases of the  lead characters lives. Their puppy love days, merry marriage days and then a struggle within a person which creates another struggle between them.

Forget about kolaveri, all other songs in the movie  are above it in my ranking. I dont agree with what is shown as “Love scenes” in most of the tamil movies. But in this movie the (c)rush of adolescence was captured with a tinge of honesty and plenty of beauty. The rain plays a very important role in the couples relationship and the sound of rain just works the magic to create various moods in the movie. If you think this is a serious movie, you will not think so after watching the class room scenes and the physics tuition parts.There is absolutely no external disturbance for the lead pair,the parents dont oppose much, there is never a need to struggle to make the ends meet and the focus is on the internal disturbance which plays the spoilsport.Well done!

None including Sruthi over emotes. Though she is awful while crying she was credible if not awesome for most part of the movie. Dhanush sparkles yet again, I disliked his acting and the characters he chose while he was introduced, then started liking his acting , hating his characters for some time and now I have started to like both of them . Dhanush continues his brilliant form from Mayakam enna and stands out from the rest of the cast. Respect! Its the music, camera and editing which carries the narration forward. Those who are with it, will feel it as a breeze for the rest sorry this wind isn’t for you.

Now the flaws – yes the pace of the movie gets a blow after intermission. In order to savage it , they have attempted to add some cinematic cliches [kolaveri is one such attempt]. And the movie fails with most , for it failed to do its job well in conveying an essential element with conviction. But for the rest who can decipher it, this movie will work.Re-recording was noticeable after a long time in recent days.

When rest of the tinsel town is in “kolaveri” to mint  money by any means, here comes an effort from a gang of youngsters to change the content of cinema rather than rehashing “Sold out” selling techniques- A new dimension indicating the changing perspective  of our movie industry.


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