Down the memory lane..

It was a tiring day at work, with the whole team working for an impending release. Something in my module or related to it wasnt behaving the way it should and I was debugging it with colleagues. I had to explore the library which the module uses and was doing it with time. But the impatient boss of mine decided to sit with us with a good intention of accelerating the progress.

Many at times like this depending on who the boss is, rather how the boss is, they end up decelerating worst even apply brakes in the progress.It so happened that I couldnt work with the pressure and my mind applied the brakes. My colleague was clever and considerate enough to sideline me and act in boss’s way. The day did end late and everyone left office to home. I couldnt tolerate the fact that a days progress of mine was halted and was terribly depressed on the way things work in world. Having a theathre opposite to the office is a gift and I use the gift regularly. I walked in to with a mind in which all the neural connections were turned off.

Pokkisam – A cherans periodical tale of romance was the movie. I thoroughly enjoyed the story on screen forgetting my own stories of that day. I doubt whether I would have enjoyed the movie the way I did, if I had just walked in on a normal day. But not knowing what to do that day and having no interest even to go home, I picked up a ticket  and visited Vasantha Bhavan for dinner. That is an act which i repeated often in Vadapalani.

Coming out of the movie, I felt rejuvenated as if all those turned off connections in the brain were back with even more power. Instead of looking ahead to home I walked across to the office. 2 A.M that was when I resumed work again and in less than a hour the deal was done all alone in a lab where no one else was there. A dozen eyes were glued to the same monitor in the day but a pair did the job now. That was done because the dozen werent synchronised but the pair were ! That was the day I understood when we approach things with curiosity and enthusiasm , the results will appear effortless. Rather the efforts will be effortless. Otherwise how does a nonconforming employee walks in to the office in midnight and finishes a job which he hadnt done all the day. There was something in that night, which was missing in the day!

Beauty is whenever I get to hear the songs from Pokkisam, I get reminded of that night! This proves that experiences are so unique to a self ! And for the record Kamala is truly a pokkisam which we had while working in Vadapalani.


2 Responses to Down the memory lane..

  1. Sinduja says:

    Kind of reminds me of the scene from ‘Yaaradi Nee Mohini’, though of course, the context is totally different here. But well, must take some dedication, I say, to get back there at that hour and not rest without getting it to work.
    I feel the post deserves to explain what the reaction of the boss and colleagues were the next day? I am curious.

  2. Deepak says:

    Ha ha Sinduja.. — On referring to Mohini. Here my boss was a male and I hardly tried to impress him:)

    Reaction – seriously I dont remember it. Perhaps that says it was not anything worth remembering. Such acts have accumulated trust and respect. I could feel that.

    Another reason, in such debugging scenarios, the solution would be mostly trivial .Just finding where the bug exists is the complex part of it. So what was complex becomes simple when solved.

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