Random kids

There is something in the kids for they have the power to change the state of your mind. I record below few such defining moments which I witnessed in the week end that passed by.

Moment-1: Earnest and Insightful kid

Venue : My toastmaster club

A senior toastmaster in the club who is tall and even sports a fierce moustache  was delivering his speech. His voice by nature is so soft and inspite of repeated poking from his evaluators ,he rarely made efforts to raise his voice. A little girl aged 9,sitting in the front row must have been following the meeting closely. When this tall toastmaster started with his soft voice, she interrupted the meeting in a formal tone “Excuse Me, Can you be little louder!”. The whole meeting hall should have been shocked at this act of a child. I was surprised at the earnest with which the kid uttered those words and the toastmaster had no choice but to raise his voice! It was the most effective feedback in terms of action for him. The little girl later sang a hindi song and translated it for us, watching her do it was pure awesomeness. Her diction was incredible and the way she spoke about things like heart,mind and love made me wonder whether she really understood what she speaks. If she had really understood what she spoke, evolution for sure has taken a giant leap! .

Moment 2: Kids know no bounds.

Venue: Adyar Ananda Bhavan.

I prefer Adyaar anand bahavan for  dinner, since one could  one could spot lots of kids here than other outlets. On this day the protagonist is a girl who must be close to two. Her eyes were scanning every colorful object in her sight from sweets to her own face in the reflecting glasses. Her Mom was supervising her, while her Dad was after the purchase formalities. Cross over ,there was another family with two neatly dressed boys of age 7+ and 3+. The little girl was visibly curious about the younger boy. He must have looked very pleasing for her eyes, she came forward and touched it just like she attempted to touch the sweets which are behind the guarded glasses. She found a playmate in the boy and the chemistry seemed to work for them and they started enjoying each other. Little girl’s mom was enjoying it too. But when the boys mom spotted it, she gave an indifferent look and separated the kids just like the villain in your mega serials. Recognizing the gravity of the situation, the girls mom rightly redirected her girl’s attention to another colorful object. The little boy who was forced and pulled over, couldn’t resist the girl and he kept coming back to the girl. Watching this sight from the dinner table was the most delightful dish I ever had in that outlet!

Moment 3:  The fight starts here

Venue:  Outside a house in my walking trail

It was close to nine at night and I assume there were two kids who havent taken their dinner, but prefered to continue to play with the bike. The boys were from english speaking origin and they must be quite naughty. The elder one was on the bike and the younger one was approaching him from the ground. There was a loud cry from inside “Boys.. Mamaa is calling. You must come in.”  Since the boys didnt respond to it, two young man emerged from the house repeating the same words goading the boys to get in to home (uncles?!). One of the boys on top of the bike yelled “I am coming ” and the one on the ground ” I should be going..” at the same time! It sounded like a music! The music of life I said to myself!

I am in a opinion where I believe that for happy existence, I have to unlearn a lot and the best way to do that  is to observe these kids in action and learn from them. All these little beings made an impact on me. Wish them all a great gifts!


2 Responses to Random kids

  1. Murugesh says:

    Nice read….. reminded me of an incident at onsite. I was asked to work on one Saturday. As it was a critical time, almost everyone turned up for work. The project manager brought his daughter to office. She was in 1st grade. During lunch she came to me and asked “Are you hurt?”.

    I was confused and replied, “No. Why do you ask?”

    She said, “Then what is on your fore head?”

    Then I realized, she was referring to the sanda pottu that I was having on my fore head. It looked like bandage to her (kumgumam was equated to blood 🙂 ).

    Innocence and Cuteness can be admired at any state, any stage ……… 🙂

  2. Deepak says:

    Huh! I see, we perceive the world as per past view points. While most grown ups substitute the actual view by their own assumptions, a curious mind such as the kid’s one asks for it.

    When the question has a blend of innocence, its ecstasy as you rightly said!

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