Down the memory lane #1

In few days I will be out from my first job. Here I intend to recollect few of the many GROWING UP moments which happened along these 6 years.

I joined in as a fresher along with 30 other friends from my college and we were all given a residential induction in a college campus. We were told that the training is going to last for a month but it lasted only for a week (should have got the clue about their planning skills then:(). Those seven days indeed made most of us feel like we have made a good choice for a career by exposing us to the various practices of the company. It was mostly a set of interpersonal sessions and business exposure shows put together. There were lot of avenues of creativity to be exposed in those seven days (nothing technical) and we enjoyed it.

The next seven days we were given a three star hotel accommodation for a week and a week long training on quality practices. We were asked to attend office from nine to seven (oh they actually trained us to stay longer?). I felt it to be completely meaningless but a bigger question lurked around my mind. Where am I going to stay after the company given accommodation expires  . So had to search for rentals along with friends and it was my first brush with real life. I was this close to be haunted by brokers and my Dad saved me from making certain bad decisions by realizing that I am making wrong choices by stepping in immediately and using his veto power!My friend’s friend Karthick raja who has the knack of contacts, had founded KNBL then, but I didnt join there at first because few from my gang couldnt be accommodated. But when those few found solace some where else in no time, I had this destiny working out my path to KNBL.

In the interim time, my Dad told me its okay even if you stay in hotels but I dont want you to chose places where there is no  place for air to come in and go [that’s most part of the city!], The very reason that my company wont let us know where we are going to be deployed made it difficult. I stayed in my college friend Puivy’s home for sometime. Then when I got my deployment confirmed , I also got my place confirmed in KNBL. Similar to the group we formed at 201 in college , KNBL also defined the way life was made for the years to come and will continue too. It was no means a place of luxury if you look through the materials perspective, but its the place of comfortness and warmth if you look at it from people’s perspective. Little did we know that we would be having friends and guides and playmates for life in form of landlords.

It may sound awkward that in attempting to recollect corporate life I am pointing out KNBL life, but its because of the delights in the nights of KNBL the wrath of the day was forgotten. It was because of the gains in week ends within this small place, the pains of week days were tolerated. I still belong to KNBL and love this place and people more than I express.Thanks to HCL, if not for it , I wouldnt have joined this university of life called KNBL.


3 Responses to Down the memory lane #1

  1. Sinduja says:

    Brilliant find for the morning! I am following this blog. 🙂

  2. Sinduja says:

    Ah..okay, I don’t know why I am listed as ‘wisegirl’. Embarassing.

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