Moonlit monologue – A few reflexive thoughts in a moonlit night

Few days ago as I stepped outside for my dinner ,a huge mellow yellowish ball greeted me.Its been the greatest wonder ever since I started to recognize objects as a baby till date. Not just me almost there is no poet who hasnt penned on moon. Though its the sun which is the source of everything its the moon which is the source of rejoice for mankind.

Landing on moon is one of mankind’s greatest accomplishment till date.That shows how curious we humans have been about it and we still continue our mission to it inspite of  knowing for sure that life doesnt exist here.My books have told me that moon is the only satellite earth has got and by definition its something which revolves around us. Naturally we are fond of things which revolves around us than the things we rotate upon. Its observed in our love for our children,spouse and family in general and hate for the society.:!)

In my childhood, while walking on moon lit roads away beyond the village borders, I used to ask my adult companions “Who is that in the moon, have they taken food, why do they disappear every now and then!”..And one uncle of mine claimed that its he who placed that huge night lamp up in the sky for all of us!. Days rolled and we learnt about solar system and got to know about why moon disappears for a while.Very recently it popped up that the moon doesnt disappear, just we don’t get to see enough of it.

That’s natures vicious cycle, but even when the moon is bright on the sky ,we have lost that mind to look up to the beauty of it. Its been a long time since I slept on a terrace looking at the sky. Watching and counting the stars is the best way to get my sleep quickly even when I am insomniac. Moon is just an analogy, there are lot of beauties which we cross by but we are tied and restrained from feeling the bliss of it. We dont let ourselves be crazy, its in that craziness creativity sneaks up.

When the moon goes missing, you miss the directions to your destination. Thats when I feel the analogy the poets draw between moon and the loved one is fitting. All that shine from moon is reflection from what it has gained from the sun, similarly we reflect what we like in our loved ones and lit their life with that light. When reflections are absent one is clueless about whats right and wrong and unsure of the path he trudges along.

I make sure that I look up to the skies and build my own imagination and wire stories of it. I would love to tell them to a child who would listen with all the attention he/she has.All I wish is a happy family and a little house with a terrace where I can show the moon!


One Response to Moonlit monologue – A few reflexive thoughts in a moonlit night

  1. Hari says:

    Nice reflections, moving thoughts, but not very disconnected. Very good. Keep writing.

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