Aravaan – The thief who stole my heart.

I did have my expectations for a Vasantha Balan’s movie – effusive display of emotions which may at times dont go well with the movie and the viewers. Yes emotions were aplenty in this movie, but the beauty was it was very very subtle, and its up to the viewer to chose his own depth of emotion. Kudos – a maker is becoming better which is good news for a fan of his way of making.

Few of my friends reported the movie was a drag, but I never felt the passage of time.Its  a tale of friendship, a capture of worship, a report on fragility of lives, a story on vengeance across generations between two villages and an intense romance. When many of the movies fail to capture atleast one of the above, these movie sprints off does it all without claiming any of those aloud.

Emotional moments:Minutes before his death, Aadhi gets to look at his son and there was no melodrama there, but he leaves it as a choice to the viewer! Same was the case when Aadhis fiancée agrees to marry him knowing that death is due for him. I could quote lot of such scenes were emotions were underplayed unlike previous VasanthaBalans movies where they took the center stage and refused to get down until tears gushed through our eyes.

Impressions: Heists – the movie sets off with star gazing! Thats a travel back in time for we had to look above the skies to know the time. Few minutes in to the movie you start respecting and vouch for the thieves in the movie. Caste system must have been more meaningful then, we see throughout the movie that each and every man takes pride of his clan and lives for it. I see them as true professionals. Except for the king who reminded me of these modern day capitalists all other characters in the movie seems to be loyal  towards their profession.Overall a travel down the lane!

Techniques -Story&Additional story.Without the knowledge of whats original and whats additional, I find the tale was lifted and made to suit the movie audience convincingly well. There was always a element of surprise in the movie which keeps you glued and a funny spree for most part of the movie which keeps you entertained. Keeping in mind that there were various subtexts , editors and writers have really done a great job. I dont need the vision of a camera man to expect a little more genuine and periodic visuals – And few including Aadhi, his fiance had contemporary slang affecting their dialogue delivery.

Casting: Pasupathi and Aadhi! These men carry the movie all along with grace. We do have actors for movies rather than movies for actors.This is strongly of the first kind and its one welcome change which is happening more in recent times. Casting and clothing was credible which is the main reason for giving the periodic feel to the movie.

At once, I felt like whether they have stopped playing the movie and inserted a jewellery ad when Shewta Menon came in the picture:)But again Vasantha Balan makes his mark as some one too concerned with social issues by linking the plot to her!

And hell its cinema.. there were cinematic moments like the ones you see in other movies.Hero winning it hands down at times. But it was less and its the story and the emotions which makes the final cry. When the credits fall down two messages are pronounced more stronger than anything else. One against capital punishment and the other one is within the tale for you to get it!

Too many stories… Yes thats life..Think of your own life, we have lots of things to do and when viewed from a creators view even our life could be made interesting. It gets more interesting when a creator looks at normal lives of adventurous people.Vasantha Balan has shown that its possible to take a good yet entertaining movie something which people like Kamal often denies strongly with their movies.

Overall.. worth the wait. Was super lazy and dejected in the evening . Chose to go for this movie and it refurbished my spirit. Do watch it and support good movies like this.


2 Responses to Aravaan – The thief who stole my heart.

  1. Hari says:

    Very well, organized review! Keep it up.

  2. Deepak says:

    Thanks Hari.Organisation a trait acquired in Toastmasters. You should visit us once.

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