Down the Jan Ends!

For once I was too busy to set aside quality time to think aloud in my blog when I badly wanted to record many memorable moments. All four weekends have been entertaining for the soul in this month and hence I attempt to capture them here.

Dusk and Dawn:

My service provider increased the  internet usage charges during New year eve and the new year happened to fall on a week end. Having experienced the bliss of isolation and motivated the the joy of quietness, I decided to take a internet break and it worked wonders. My attention span got improved and my notebooks got filled. I did my long pending health checkups, watched dirty picture and slept over the new year evening and had some great conversation with eager minds on new year. In the dusk of the old year , I also decided to pass on a old habit which I had and welcome the new year with a new habit! It was a peaceful week end with me being a wonderful company to myself.

Journey to the past , from the present for the future!

Thats how I saw my trip to my alma mater on the week end that followed. It was a co-incidence that I got up with the group of people who are working on improving the lives inside my little college campus. Having been always interested in it, this was a good place for me to expend my energy and experience the bliss. That saturday I was in the company of some seniors who were supposed to be strangers but the way they behaved and mingled it looked as if we went to college together. The purpose of our visit was accomplished and I was nourished with some mind bustling talks in Murgappa hall. Even I didnt bother to worry about my attempts in driving a message going flat, because I was too occupied in breathing the air of inspiration that spread through that campus that day. Next day I had a lonely walk inside the campus rewinding and recording the moments which we had there. It felt “BOY WE HAD A LIFE”! I almost did everything I love to do in that town in that two days. Getting in touch with that group is one important event in my life. It has given me lot of hope to my belief that there are people with whom I can shout “Dont worry world, We are here to change you the way you should be”.

Pongal and a harvest of books!

I decided to cerebrate pongal holidays in my room inspite of my parents push to come home. I didnt want to be hassled in the crowded buses and visiting book fair was one main reason to make stay back in my room. It all started well with the friday evening with me finishing a long pending task and I headed up to the book fair to find my mind boggled by two amazing speeches. I was right on dot for a speech by Mr. Venkateswaran(Scientist with gov) on past , present and future of research in TamilNadu.I wish to write in detail on it in a later post but many of what he discussed resonanted with my current interests in physics , biology and the role of computing in them. What followed was another gift to me .. Media man Malan spoke on Bharathi and his work with press. In that talk I got an insight on how Bharathi transformed himself from a martinet to a poet whom even a layman can read. In other words Bharathi Is what Steve Jobs is for gadgets to Tamil poems. Saturday was toastmaster day and my idea of taking a picture MoM worked well and whenever ideas gets executed it gives you some extra dose of happy hormones.

Was invited by Anand to his home for Pongal and I should say being with his family compensated my being away from him both in terms of food and care. Started the pongal day with a mega meal and we headed to the book fair again. Yes Pongal was a harvest festival for me where I got diverse sets of books good enough to keep me busy for the next 6 months.The pattimandram I got to see on the final day was also a nice icing on the cake.

Back to the town:

As promised I packed my dirty clothes to my home the following week. Right from the travel it was interesting and I was quite busy enjoying unusual things at home too. I got this crazy idea of taking kids to Nanban and I ended up enjoying Nanban. The next day we learnt that there was a science exhibit in my school and we wasted no time in making it our morning appointment. I and Prakash went around and recollected our days. Having been there for 12 years we have seen it grow from a dwarf to giant! We met few of our teachers who still works there and in their eyes I learnt why teaching can be the best job in the world. We always feel grateful to them and I would say we were lucky to them in our days. They could have had better students and we could have had better students but together we have had some best days of our life. It feels wonderful when the teachers also acknowledge this! And I packed my washed clothes back home in the afternoon rejuvenated to handle the hustle and bustle of week days ahead.

And now!

This week started with a get-together in Chennai of friendships made in LA . My LA room mate got married to my college mate and hence it was a double dhamaka for me. Had some lighter moments around that marriage . The week end was even special because my toastmasters club started a new initiative of celebrating speeches close to heart and I was the one to open it with Beautiful lies. Due to the turbulence in week days, and lost sleep , I was bit week mentally and physically and couldnt give my best to it. But it ended up being okay rather than bad. So I was saved and content. Today morning got to a bright start with an interesting conversation in to couple of spaces I have never been . One is a virtual space and other is a real one! Though late, I felt its better to be aware of such necessary ventures. I had a lunch appointment which got pinched by punctures:) and we had some good time on roads with a good friend of mine. As usual we poured our complaints about life and washed them as we washed our hands after a delightful meals. A good sleep , followed by the usual think walks and some nice dreams! And boy.. you are supposed to be solving your logic puzzles reminds my mind. Yes! Those scheduled tasks never got executed..Here I am off to start my week end when its almost gone!

January 2012 has been memorable and enriching! Wish the rest of 2012 to be full of unexpected surprises with expected results.!


6 Responses to Down the Jan Ends!

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed the post. I am certainly interested in reading about Venkateshwaran’s speech and Malan’s speech. Looks like, there would be a lot of short stories in them. Cheers,


  2. Thanks Saba! If mortals life like us is filled with stories, I guess a rebel like Bharathis life is worth a billion bytes! Will draft them soon.

  3. As always enjoyed reading and enjoyed being that puncture boy pouring his thoughts..

  4. suribaba says:

    Pleasure reading your post, includes your comment on bharathi & billion byte cool.

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