My first interview..

Time machine .. Yes logged on to my old mail box and it was a treasure..this one was written six years back in 2005.


I am attaching my interview experience with HCL TECH..Do give your feed back about the interview…I hope it will be useful for job hunters…
Two rounds of interviews were scheduled.Just afte finishing the aptitude tests I was confident that I will be shortlisted for those interviews.
When we had the shortlisted list they gave us an application to fill.
It had some columnspersonal details and achievements and academic profile.I forgot to bring my photo.One of my friend Nithin fetched the photo for me.If he was not there at that moment a tensed situation would have been..
I expressed my desire for embedded system in the application.
I was called for the Technical interview…
I went and waited outside the glass room of the interviewer as he had engaged himself in some work.After sometime he called me inside.
I formally greeted him.
The first question he asked me was “You seem to be not interested in software”(Since I have mentioned my desire to work with ASIC/Embedded systems)
I told him that my interest was in embedded systems and I would like to work with processors and embedded software.
He inquired what an embedded systems is..
He asked me the books I have used for embedded system..
I listed the books I have studied…
He asked me which of the above books were good..
I said Embedded primer by David.A.Simon was good because only in this book they have clearly explained about software architecture and they have advised to choose the architecture depending on the application.In other books they have praised RTOS..but having RTOS for a small application is a power and time killing process..
Then he enquired about the awards and prizes I have listed in the application..
“Top Techclitian”..what is it?
I told about Techlit and its functions..and i was selected as the best member for that year..he inquired why did they choose me..
I told the various rounds conducted for the title..
Similarly he had enquiries about each and every prize listed in the application…
Then on looking at my resume he asked what fuzzy logic is..
I explained him about fuzzy logic by comparing the uncertainity with the brightness of the tubelight in the room(Rather than a technical definition I told him like a story)..
Then he asked me the number of registers in 8085..
I forgot the number and started counting A,B..with fingers and he draged me to make a mistake here..I couldnt recall the number of register in 8085!
I got tensed and I was very much on the negative side as soon as I forget because of the simplicity of the question..
He enquired about the experiments done in the microprocessor lab..
He asked me about traffic light controller..and asked whether we have done it in the lab..(2 questions simultaneously..)
I chose the second question to answer first ..we have not done it in lab…
He said thats okay and went on the next question assuming that I doknow traffic light controller..
But I could write the logic for that problem..but even then I was not able to demonstrate my skill here…
He asked few questions in Data Structures which I managed very easily…
With this my Technical interview came to an halt….
I said thankyou and walked out of the room briskly…
We were made to wait for the HR round..
People got crowded and asked about the interview..all I could remember at that instant was about the microprocessor registers…
So i thought myself that I made some serious mistake and it will be really difficult for me to make it to the final list.
Then I was called for HR interview…
I was determined to make a strong impression in HR round since I considered myself better in handling HR questions rather than Technical questions..
I went inside the room and greeted him..
He asked me to take the seat.
after looking at me he asked “You are the person who put questions to the board in the morning know..”
“Have you got answers for those..?
(My question during their PPT session was..they described that HCL provided complete solution ranging from software production,OS ,Hardware…So I asked them intead of providing service to customers alone why dont HCL try to develop product of their own..Then they claimed to be pionners in software..I asked what technolgy they are pioonering now…)
He said that he is those plans were there for the future and as of now no products are developed..but i said that when I went through the website I have learnt that they have developed some security systems…
After that he didnt speak for about 30 seconds…
He looked at the application and said you are from AKT academy school..
He again went in to silence..(Purposefully)
This time I broke the ice and said about my school that it ist the second largets school in Tamilnadu…
mmm..mmm SO what” Thats his reaction to it!
It was so small at first having streeght of 500 but now it has grown to a school of 10000….I continued to roll of my school history..
His response “Thats okay..So what?”
He asked me ” I f I throw a egg from a top of a three storey building what will happen”
After blinking for a reasonable time i said ” It will break in to pieces”
(He could have expected a imaginative answer…since he left what was in ground to our imagination..may be water or bed..)
I could sense that my answer was not good at that instant itself which made my confidence till worse…already it was low because of the microprocessor debacle,,
Next he asked me why Am I interested in embedded systems and he told me that He his going to employ me in testing…
And asked whether I will be willing to work in testing?
After thinking for a while I said that testing is very important for embedded systems and quoted few of the crashes due to lack of proper testing..
Hence I will be happy if i am given embedded sotware testing.
He said in a harsh tone “I no need all this stories..will you accept the job or not ?”
“Yes I will”
I no need you..we doesnt employ people who are digusted having interested in onething and working in some other”
Then he asked about my leisure time reading…
I quoted few book names..
He asked what was my last book..
I said tipping point and what the book was about..
He asked the authors name and I could not recall the authors name..
He said ” How can I beleive you man…you are saying long stories but you dont remember the authors name..”
After a struggle I told him the authors name…
He asked how did i perfom my aptitude and how did i prepare…
I said from GRE guide…
He asked me whether I am planning to do higher studies…and it took me some time to make him understand that I used GRE only for improving my aptitude skills..
He asked why I didnt attend CTS..I said they dont work on embedded..
He argued that they worked on embedded..
I rejected him quoting the domains they work from their website and even I have confirmed the question with CTS people…
He asked me how a class mate of mine will describe me..
“A confident person with profound interest in embedded system..
I was also made to tell what is attitude..
He said that my communication skill is poor and my contact was also poor..
I accepted and said that I have better communication skill than what I show now.. Now I am bit low with my communication because I am tensed..
He asked y  am  I tensed,,,
I said that I got a very basic question in microprocessor wrong in my technical interview,…hence i am tensed…
He said ” Do you think that we will throw you out because of that?”
I said ” I am not concerned about the job but what pricks me is that i was not able to answer a basic question in my field of interest”
He said that ” I am afraid to have a employee like this who will lack concentration from his work if hgave ears a complaint from a customer..”
I said that those things depend on which is important to a person..
To me embedded systems is of more interest than this job..
He gave me a hopeless look and said ” Deepak Good luck” Which sounded ” Better Luck next” time to me”
After that I thought it was all over and left to hostel….
But I was called for yet another interview…
First they apologised for making me to sit for an extra interview…
I told I am not tried because I am practised to work hard these days..I told that today was a wonderful day because I have learnt a lot…
She asked me what are all the things you have learnt and how long did u learn….
I said learning is a continuos process and it has started from todays morning to the time till now…..
Then they asked to say me about yourself….
Few questions were on my paper on neural networks..
And they asked about my career aim…
I said that my aim was coincident with that of the HCL’s and I am  determined to explore the power of processor which is the same aim as that of your company…
Then they asked me a basic question regarding pointers in C.I was not able to give the correct answer..
I gave the wrong answer and they asked me whether I was sure in my answer…
I gave the wrong answer with unnecessary confidence…
They gave me two puzzles  which I solved in lightning speed…
After which they sent off me finally!
I could rememeber only the mistakes  I made immediately after the interview…and I was doubfful of my clearnce….
The most important lesson from my lesson ” forget your mistakes in the interview…remembering it will affect your performance in the subsequent rounds….
Even if you make a mistake..say to yourself its normal to make mistakes and concentrate on the next questions instead of pricking your mind thinking of the bad patch..
Thats it…
What better time to read it. Having seen this industry for a while now, I have answers for the missed technical questions. My writings have become better. But the neural networks and fuzzy logic and the quest is about to get lost. Time I save them.!

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  1. TheFutureYou says:

    Oh boy, I am from the future, you did recover the neural networks quest :P:P

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