Bye Bye 2011

Its that time of the year to look back.. Looking back.

It started in Las Vegas , a new year eve with full of hate  for the ‘artificialness’ in that place. The streets were filled with people who were filled with booze till their brink. The entire crew felt so and hence we steered our wheels towards mother nature on the new year day and enjoyed the red rock canyons. Little did I know that I will find more such discoveries like this in me – A liking for nature & hate for artificialness. But I should admit that the castles and casinos which resembled nature – the Venice mall was marvelous. The most inspirational moments of those days were those when I walked the bridge connects two hills near hoover dam.  – 2011 – A good start!

Professionally my career and skills started deprecating, not a day passed without some act reminding me of it in the first half of the year. I had to face no work at work and due to the ’emotional frame’ I was in couldnt take up any work on my own during those ‘bench’ days.Then toward the end I made that call to the Man who moves things for me and got in to some work which I can call it as work.  Still I cant count on a thing in 2011..May be it takes some time to realize the learning since I am blinded my ignorance as of now. I would say that my inkling for Linear Algebra is the best thing that happened to me academically and professionally. Thanks to my work with colour science and image processors.

Emotionally – what a year it has been. I have attained peaks and seen troughs all in the same year.Since I was living abroad, I had this fortune/misfortune of sharing space with frequently changing faces and each face left behind some impressions and stinks in me. What was stink then turned out to be impressions now. Personally I was ‘peerless’ and ‘peer’ less. I was the good friend you can ever get and the bad man you could ever feel all in same form. Towards the end of the year, I had made some discoveries about myself – thanks to all those who led to those exploration. Its quite a journey testing many paths at once and the expedition continues….

Toastmasters – I havent been physically active, but virtually the spirit of toastmasters is even more present in me. Thanks to all those who accept me in that form inspite of not being able to make it to the meetings regularly.I would say there is no better time and place to be a toastmaster.Its chennai and its right now. If you are reading this and wondering what it is , do ping me.

Socially – Yesterday a friend of mine was pointing out that a school wouldnt take me because I was past 26. That makes my parents too feel the urge to pair me with some one. But No – I am don’t buy that idea yet.May be as they claim I dont see the need for it yet and what to come in life, but if its so let it be it. The day I feel the need physically & emotionally (AND as in digital logic) then I will find the way to seek it. Friends – I make many and drop many. They are the reflections in which we see ourself and I have seen good pictures as well as bad pictures in that friendship mirror. Thanks for everything.  Connecting back with my alma-mater felt like connecting with a noble spirit and that gave me a bundle of energy.

Movies- Not many. Thanks to LA’s libraries , I now know some real good ones and cant bear with the averages any more both in terms of content and the way it is contained(resolution I say.)

Books – I fall for it. If at all I trace my spendings, I dont have control over this and I spend more for it than my food at times. Still running around Computer Arch and Data structures technically, JK& Balakumaran in terms of philosophy, Bharathiyar for Kavithaigal, and science is slowly stepping in. Whoa Ponniyin Selvan!

I am back in KNBL ensconced  with certain comforts which is difficult to leave, and to would stop this bye bye with 5 best things which strike my mind about 2011.

1. USC book festival

2. The meet with a old friend which changed the path I took

3.Reconnecting with almamater

4.Travel ..yes I visited all Varanam ayiram locations! Dreams were cooked under the fire which travel sets in

5.Tamil books.


Now here I am sitting in the favourite school of mine where I learnt most of my lessons -KNBL. I couldnt ask for a better place to be in the new year.

Bye bye 2011. You are all set to go, I let all the stinks go with you and will store your impressions. I would look back at you at some other time in life and be more thankful then. But certainly to a little lesser extent now.


4 Responses to Bye Bye 2011

  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice journey – 2011 and all the best for 2012

  2. Sivaram says:

    Nice journey – 2011 and all the best for 2012

  3. Divya says:

    I have presented The Versatile Blogger Award to you

    Hope you enjoy it!

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