Mourning brain..

We all have been through this vicious cycles of happiness and sadness, when we realize an event to be good, it triggers happiness and the same act enhances the probability of finding an infavour fervor in the same environment which can make you sad.

Everyone goes through it, being of the sensitive and imaginative breed my brain is, I undergo them with  a little more intensity. Though they say and I know that only a saint can get rid of it and make it stable, I dont want to be a saint for the fear of losing the wordly pleasures:)!. Hence my aim was to lessen the intensity inspite of without turning off the senses. That translates technically in to , without turning off your input sensors, the central processing unit should interpret the interrupts received but spend less time in processing those interrupts.Only when you spend more time for the those interrupting thoughts,the processor loses it’s main context, chaos sets in.  Artificial intelligence could be easy for its who we make it, but the natural intelligence is made on its own and hence controlling it is not in the realm of consciousness.

We all do conscious deeds as instructed by the code in the subconscious mind. And again these conscious deeds self-program the subconscious mind. But the kind of instructions changed or added depends on the core and it happens based on the CODE. A secret code which you posses which we may call by the name DNA! Everything happens with an intention to realize that secret CODE. It should be possible to break those conscious security walls, breach the subconscious gates and unlock that CODE. Yes it should be possible and many of us would have got near that subconsciously. When you become conscious about those subconscious acts, there you make more cracks in that wall.Its a process akin to breaking a nations security secret. Every one of us have that immense potential which has to be guarded and unlocked. So expect some adventures and misadventures in it.

I write this because , I got a bullet shot while trying to breach the wall. More often you need to realise that you are living amidst people who dont know about the CODE, and those people are guarded by their CODE which out of insecurity will try to influence you and prevent you to access your CODE. When it does so you get brain-hurt, sometimes brain dead for a while. During which the brain mourns, and when the brain mourns you need to be ready with first aid and subsequent treatments, which I perceive is ‘creativity’ creating entertainment for your ownself.

If you can find that ‘way’ to relish your’self’, when its hurt, Yay..we may be closer to the CODE!

Happy hacking!


One Response to Mourning brain..

  1. Murugesh says:

    Gr8 write up….. Hacking into your self is tricky……as u have to reprogram the your CODE to hack itself (Mirror mirror on the wall which is the one thing that answers all the questions………..) ….. I guess the correct procedure is to come out of “I” and hack it….. of course easier said than done…. !!

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