Why this kolaveri….?

This man roams around as if he is the next cousin of Harichander. He says that he cant tolerate lies,dishonesty and he also prefers to stay away from them and the people who uses it. He musn’t be strong at heart for he thinks that he might also use the methods of deception if he stays around with people who deceive people. Hence he groans, complains , cries and makes the ones around suffer. Given the fact that he prefers to be alone, its he complaining to himself mostly about himself hence the sufferings are also his. But why this kolaveri? Why cant he accept deceptions, its so omnipresent in the world and you cant avoid it. The fact that you cant avoid it, should force him to accept it. He has no other choice except to suffer disrespecting the culture the majority follows. Its will be even difficult for him to identify a similar species for they are very rare and closed and dont open up until they know that they arent taken for a deceiving ride.

How can I tell him that honesty is overrated , is he trying to collect it as a virtue to show off in his hall of fame? He only suffers a lot, when he says what he thinks without sugar coating it.He has an immense joy out of it, he never intends to hurt anyone but also never considers how to make people happy.Rather  he wants people to be aware  , he doesnt call it the truth, he wants the people to be aware of what he is aware and he desires to know the same from other people. But lips do lie, eyes do lie , heart doesnt. He reads minds but since he trusts people more than his mind reading skills, he prefer to go by their lips. And when later the lips fail to synchronize with the minds, he curses himself for believing in the lips and thinks/guided to follow other people by their hearts and not by their words.

But he says “Who am I to assume whats going on within anyone else, when I dont understand myself. That would be  a great mistake if I do it that way. I want everyone to be aware of themselves and solve the mighty puzzle of existence themselves and help me with just the solution. When I am busy solving my own existential puzzle, its great pain to do it for others. I can be wrong…I expect people to solve it and help me with their answers. We are all solving a huge puzzle together ..arent we?”. I cant help him for he seems to be confused always. He still hangs around expecting honesty and gets hurt when he is repeatedly denied it.

All I ask him now is “Why this kolaveri..what are you going to do with this HONESTY?….”. He says in truth there is a comfort even if its a sad truth. In truth we acknowledge our problems and achievements. In truth there is never a moment of  comparison when the universal truth is understood by all of us. Due to the deception life style , the universal truth is lost now and we are all deceived and lost by dishonest men.


Well man you are young now, let me see what do you become when you are old – I threw a challenge at him. He said ,”I will become a old man!” and gave a big laugh. If that was meant to be a joke, I pitied for him for he laughs at such poor jokes. But as I walked along I also smiled thinking that he is going to become a old man and thats the truth! Its when we expect to be a rich man,virtuous man, educated man …. only those things have raised up the deceptions in the world.As that made little sense to me , I warned myself not to think in insane ways like him and returned back to my world.



9 Responses to Why this kolaveri….?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow.. Sarcasm.. loved it!! Thinking if the writer was talking to himself.. beep beep..

    Life is as simple as the “old man” reply in the concluding remarks.. its we who make it complicated with deceptions and what not..

  2. Krishnan says:

    Deepak.. previous comment was mine..
    In case this also turns out to be anonymous… Its from Krishnan.

  3. You neednt say that buddy..The timing, the words and the warmth says it all:)

  4. A wonderful thought!! But, somehow I contradict to the assumption of life being a puzzle and our existence is here to solve that….. or to help others in solving that..

    I still do believe, A hard truth can definitely be exchanged for a “sugar-coated lie”, if it serves the purpose.. A lie here means – giving the information with abstractions as required.

    To me, reading minds can never be a joy.. either mine or others.. and if i do, I do have a very hard time in digesting the fact. As Theresa said, we would not have time to love.. I feel that to be very true.

    To keep it simple, I always try “hard” to be in the current conversation and not to jump forward and prepare answers for the next question.. 🙂

    “I will become a old man!” — is a joy to read, as the statement has the necessary abstractions… 🙂

  5. Well made judgement. And I take your abstraction pill too.But I dont get to the roots when I ask why am I doing what am I doing. Thats the reason I called it a puzzle.If its known then it isnt a puzzle.

    Reading minds – agreed. But when the world is trying to hide the needed abstractions, you will be forced to find the truth and assume and when the assumption fails contradiction arises which leads to conflict.

    Becoming a old man is a happier way to life than solving the puzzle- well said:)! – Taken.

  6. Life- Everyone has their own definitions.. so left it for you to solve.

    Conflict arises – I agree. But doesn’t that abstraction keeps you happy/excited/cross-fingered until that moment? Doesn’t that “suspense” make you lively? I had always thought, our dreams/imaginations is what making us feel alive.

    Wouldn’t the hard truth makes life less interesting and prepares you to live with that, which is anyway happening, but postponed till the conflict :).

    With the results known in prior, people try harder to prove it wrong or people loosen out and become miserable. In either case, they lose their “LIFE”.

    My language/use of words might be a little pathetic here.. so forgive/forget 🙂

  7. Well I am for here and for there too… a pardoxial life. but offlate even if the truth is hard/scary/dirty I find it to be beautiful.

    When I say beautiful, there should be something ugly as well… Insincerity..- that when a friend says the beautiful lies before you and talks the hard truth behind

  8. Murugesh says:

    Sema…. it was as if you were in the matrix – a pre programmed life – retired at the end of a hard day to sleep and dreamt again to be woken up in the real world…………….and thus the article started………..at the end of the article u went back to sleep and wanted to be woken in the matrix


  9. Thanks Murguesh. Your comment describes itself! Kaliyugam is Neo World.:)!

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