Tall Tale – Skype- Communicate across time

Tall tale – its one where we need to come up with an incredible story and deliver it in a credible manner to the toastmaster audience.Heres my story which I wired up for the Chennai Toastmaster clubs 325 th meet. Special thanks to TM Karthik Srinivasan and TM Sridhar Ranganathan – Wordsmiths toastmasters for giving timely tips which shaped the content well. 

SKYpe – Communicate across time.


Good evening Fellas. Beep…Beep. I must be getting a good evening message ..Let me check the sms.

Oh it says “Landed safely in heaven.” Who is that?.. Oh its Deepak..Thats me. I am crazy but not foolish enough to message myself.When did I send such a message.? 2087. .2087?? Its a message from the future. People its a message from the future. No I dont trust it, It could be a spam,network error or a software bug.


Software…Huh ..Yes here is some notification about software update.Its SKYpe ..The update description says “Now skype not only lets you communicate beyond geographical boundaries but also across time. You can make calls to anyone ,anywhere at any instant of their existence.. Introductory offer, you got three free calls.


People..People..Its time machine. Yay The time machine. I can now get messages from past and the future. Its the time machine in my hands. I can change my times with it.

OK this must be some mystical force or advanced science at work. I have read about them and I trust it but what I dont trust is the fact that I made it to heaven. That sounds incredible after all the non-sense I have done in my little life. But it will be nice if I can do a custom check on heaven and hell and find out which is best of the two. May be I can change my future as they show in movies.


Heaven check.. If I have to pick a guy in my contact list who would make it to heaven without doubts it would be this guy who has contributed a lot to TM with ever smiling face especially in the last 5 months.Its our Div Gov Saro Vel Rajan

Ringing Saro..year..It asks me for the time..I swype in 3045

Hello Saro . This is Deepak. How are you and where are you.

Hey Deepak , Nice catching up with you. Its been 1025 years since we spoke last. I am in heaven. Now I am the division gov for Div Heaven which comes under the district Gods Kingdom.

Oh interesting my guess was right, Tell me how it looks like

I am enjoying it Deepak. I dont have to do a day job and can work on toastmasters for ever. Time can be bent according to our will and there are club meetings which go on for a million years. I am using my time here to set up corporate and community clubs in Div Heaven and neighboring division Hell. Various corporates like HinduISM, MusliISM, BuddhiSIM, JainISM are very interested in getting the movement to their messengers. I also have a set of high profile mentees who are doing their High performance leadership. List includes Buddha,Krishna,Rama ,Mahaaveera…. Last night it was Lord Ramas DTM speech and he gave a speech to four trillion audience spread over the galaxy. From my viewpoint I could observe him maintaing eye contact with people from Mercury to Pluto. I got goosebumps when he attributed his mastery of speaking and leadership skills to toastmasters. As a token of apprecaiation he granted more Heaven permits for Toastmasters.

Thats nice Saro. You are truly creating a revolution . I could see the change down here. Will catch up with you live soon after my death.

Now I got curious on hell too.For sure I know my angry boss will land up there.Ring Boss 2024..Yes people with hyper tension have short lives.

Hey Deepak, Good that you called me now. Can you update me on your efforts on bug 12421. The client Mr.YamaDharma needs it now.His database is down and thats affecting destruction jobs all over the globe. Consider this crucial , if you dont do it I will have to update your name in his database.

Sure sir. But where are you now.

Oh I ended up in Hell, and its no different. Its exactly our office the way I created it.So I find it comfortable!:)

Now knowing hell and heaven, another thought also popped up in my mind. Life after death is uncertain but life in earth is made heaven or hell depending on the person whom you share your time and space. I got curious to know the name of the person whom I will be sharing it and made a call to Deepak 2025


Hey Deepak. Can I talk to your wife,

Sure. I will pass it on.

I was curious thinking of a dozen crushes and who could it be.

A cute voice greeted me on the other end and I asked

May I know whom I am talking too..

It said….It said…It said…. Mrs.Deepak.


3 Responses to Tall Tale – Skype- Communicate across time

  1. Anonymous says:

    BuddhiSIM — a careless mistake.. and I think you could have done better on the whole story line.. 🙂

  2. the previous comment was from me..

  3. Good eyes captain..Thanks. Story line -I will ring you to get the feedback.

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