Hey Dude Dont carry the world on your shoulders!

I never noticed the pace in which time changes and changes us, because we travel along with it. But it will be more apparent to you, if you have kids around you. They grow fast and startle you with their physical and intellectual developments. I live in the same locality for five years and I was surprised when i found a stout and sturdy boy taking the school van, when I was expecting a cute little boy. Its been five years. Std 2 must have become std 7, but why does he have to carry the world in his shoulders. I am mentioning about the baggage on his back.

I dont like the children awaiting a school bus at 7 in the morning. I want the precious morning to be spent creatively, they should be reading stories, scribbling on papers,torturing dad by asking questions and must get tortured by mom for getting ready. My heart goes out when I see a half-slept kid with him mom at 6 AM waiting for a school vehicle. In this digital age, why cant we go digital and reduce the baggage. Rather the schools are making it more complicated. Recently one of my colleagues asked me “Where can I get feathers of different birds? Do they sell that in shops”. When I enquired why he told me that its part of the assignment for his UKG kid. Gosh, whats the purpose, if you want to teach them about birds take them out. Show them videos. Do you expect a UKG kid to collect bird feathers in a city like Chennai which the birds have deserted long back[They knew that city is not worth living..but we humans are not gonna realize it].

Coming back to time and kids, the kids have evolved for sure and education is trying to suppress their evolution instead of promoting it. A 10th std kid talks about iPhone/Siri and says his friend have high end mobiles which even me and my friends dont have.Not that its a good thing , but we are failing to grow with them. The system needs a overhaul, the system is nothing but a collection of individuals. In few years I might be joining the system too.. I dont wish to join it in its current state!

Recently Samsung has released a table with a marketing tag “Notebook”. Dont you see a connect there. While in US seeing the kids using iPad was an experience on its own. Dear Freebies government why cant you strengthen your education system which is also free, I dont mind paying my government a bit to educate my child.

Whatever I dont want my kid to break his back!



One Response to Hey Dude Dont carry the world on your shoulders!

  1. krishnan says:

    Sad but harsh reality!!!
    Just add the fees the parents pay for this kind of ‘lopsided’ education… it hurts!!!

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