Three idiots and one brilliant movie

I am not going to review the movie anytime now. Luckily I didnt check out this movie alone which is my usual way , if I had been alone I would have got involved in the movie and would be running a train of thoughts. This is one of the intense movies I have ever seen, and it had more goosebumps moments. The movie is Mayakkam Enna and thats is the last word about it.

When two of my Toastmaster friends invited for a movie, I was all game for it. This movie makers did a good job by not hyping it too much, so I havent even seen the posters of it before today. Going without expectations, makes you  feel the creation. You dont try to direct the director, instead observe what the maker has made. Except for one scene[I am not going to say dont worry!], the movie was quite unpredictable! Not that I tried to predict , could observe that from the silence in the hall when things didnt go the way they wanted to.

Karthik and Krishnan , and the heros name was Karthik. Thats more than enough for our trio to play jokes and pranks and at the same time enjoy the passion unwinding on screen. I was little early to the place to rewind my own life. I did break my fast in VB and walked the paths I used to walk. It was only then I tuned in to Mayakam enna songs and voila this one “Enna enna seithom enga..” was fitting my walks. I had a good time recollecting my days and reminding how naive I was then [Not that I am grown now] but more sophisticated. Kamala  is where I go when everything else fails in my world. I cant forget the mood with which I entered for Pokisham – a night show after a typical bug fighting on release day in IT world. I came back went to the office which is just opposite at 2 AM and did things which we as a team couldnt do in one days time.  Was thinking of that and more as I waited for the duo.

When I commented that Karthik is playing a girlie when he seemed to be little late, Krishnans repartee was “And I have to play the boys role all the time.” “Made in toastmaster” friend ship are more valuable than gold. All three of us had varied styles and opinons about the movie,hopefully none of it disturbed each of us. But we had fun. Then I really pulled them to Vasantha Bhavan again and punished them by making me watch how I eat. I still couldnt digest it, so have skipped the dinner:). We had what I would say a very healthy and refreshing conversation. Each one of us were having tough times in our own ways, and not once that dominated the table topics. I felt we were happy to let go the bad things and we shared happy memories.We ridiculed each other honestly.:)!!!

And Krishnans yoga class also got cancelled at the right moment, if he was  sad Jesus we were the Happy buddhas for extending the time.I am writing this just to re-view the day, rather than reviewing the movie.These people were so cool, that they infected me with cold..idiots. I had to suffer whole of evening sneezing  and…..! Neverthless I see a  intense work phase ahead and such light hearted outings brings in more power.

Thank you idiots! I would like to requote the quote I passed on to Krishnan ..”Good friends never let you do stupid things alone!”.


3 Responses to Three idiots and one brilliant movie

  1. krishnan says:

    Re-lived Sunday again.. Thanks deepak!! Lol… It was absolute fun..
    When are you beginning your story telling series of speeches.. A fan is waiting… Ting Tong!!!

  2. Thanks Fan.. Its fans like this who out of their love for creator inspire HIM to create beautiful things. Taking your request, I will start penning my first story right now and for this week!

    Let the fun continue ceaseless!

  3. karthik187 says:

    Sammma machi… so true al d words n yes! was such a memorable sunday..

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