Revisiting my week end visits and pursuits!

Its been almost five months since my return and this is the first time, I missed to be in Chennai during a week end. Not that I was always here the weeks before, but I ‘Missed’ being here. At the same time going home was equally important, because my mom and Co got used to me coming home week after week and I cant break it without sequentially training me and all those involved in it. I had a huge backlog of TO WASH cloths and had some plans at Kallakurichi too. So I was all prepared and missed the otherwise packed week end in Chennai [JPs session, Wordsmiths and DJ in Chennai..lot more].

Let me recollect how it turned out,  I usually hate travelling on friday evenings and the kind of buses I am forced to use adds to the pain of journey. It takes 1 hr to just enter and leave CMBT. But this week Murphy was so considerate and he worked like a charm. I saw a bus popping out of bus stand as soon as I got dropped in,boarded it, and voila I shared a three seater with just one other person throughout the journey. Had good sleep in the bus, except that there were few aches in my head as a result of banging front and back with the flow of the bus:!. Caught the first bus to village and it was the earliest I did in last five months!

Had to visit the bank for resetting my online password, and it was quite an experience. Dad wanted to ensure that I use his influence, luckily the manager was absent, so I had to do it myself. I was asked to make my account active, by making a withdrawal and I had to wait one hour to make my first withdrawal from that dormant account. Its 100 Rs., but the process took many hundreds out of my time. Then I was back to the ‘online’ guy and it was smooth from there on only because of the other gentle man who interfered and passed it in a second[He was Dads contact.]

Inference is that the system doesnt work as we want, its a system formed through influences. When I told my Dad about those things, he had a smile and dismissed everything but left in with me a huge thought and emotion by his words. While it was new for me to wait an hour to make 100 rs withdrawal , he sums it up saying “Its lot better now, I used to wait for hours to deposit money in your bank account while you were at college!”. I am not a lavish spending guy, but I did spend more than I should have in my college days[books/movies/internet/hotels!]. That left me strong emotions and impressions about our society.

Had my hard disk with me, so revisited many of my old watches starting from Pursuit of Happyness. As usual I did see new things in the movie  and relished my San Franscico experience as well. I have loads and loads of movies but it takes a genius like my brother to pick the pick from it. He played Sarvar Sundaram from my disk and we got glued to it. It also supplied the essential dialogues and drama for my mom, who was trying to stage one in reality. The situational dialogues she received from the movie, was good enough that she neednt express herself to me because the mom in the movie was doing it for her [I have spaced this movie in installments throughout the week end!] .

I tried to join the conference call, which my alumni group is in to and managed to get in to the past and future! Yes I was not present in the present during that call, recollecting what happened during my stay in college and what I expected to happen. Now when there is a gang , with  a collective ambition to make that happen I cant control the rush of dopamines and adrenalins. Especially their first venture is going to be centered on embedded systems, a C0E for embedded systems – poor chaps you must have tried this 8 years ago when I was mad after the same idea and was present in the campus. Those naive attempts to create a embedded study group and never finished projects .. MM.. if only I was connected to the right persons , it could have made a sail. But no regrets . I will ensure that if not all, atleast those mistakes I made will not be repeated for the PRESENT ones. And its going to be one evil learning experience as well.  Due to my limited data connection, my voice was christened as GIANT ROBOT as well.

I had to sleep in installments as well and woke up early [and surprised everyone!].Roamed with the camera,merged with the nature and had made my morning devoid of reads. Though I packed two books to home, I discovered my first JK book “Facing the world in the crisis” at home and was reading it most of the time. Its sunday and I was bound to start in the afternoon. As usual Mom started showing her disapproval signs and was fun  watching it. Sarvar sundram added melancholy by supplying the necessary drama in it. TV was very supportive by playing my favorite songs and movies and good shows whenever I went near it. And above all unlimited appams for break fast!

It truly felt like a ‘relaxed’ week end – the kind I was expecting all these months but  was in vain. I was little hyper active on the high side and hence reduced sleep, even felt pulses going high. But managed it and didnt let it grow, had enough rest and food. Mom was complaining on my looks and was commanding/begging/requesting me to get a shave. I wasnt bothered making her bother for that included:)!

And its time I get my shares from my brother, got lots of interesting stuff/movies/music and pictures from him. He has grown up enough to feed my intellect rather than the other way. With that note , as usual my Dad had conceived a plan to visit the town to just drop me. That was a good one too as I got a bus as soon as I was entering the bus stand. It was an Ultra Deluxe and was apparently empty due to the recent hikes. But the hike didnt hurt much. It was 165 from 120 whereas the normal bus fare rose to 135 from 75. Above all it had only three major stops from my town to Chennai. That made the journey time come down from 6 hours to 4.5 hours.

Reaching early I filled my belly in grand sweets, had a friend calling me and went to sleep as soon as I could. Not a complete sleep and I was doubtful about the day ahead as I started it. But the reads gave me enough reasons to combat with the chemicals inside the body and here I am managing to type in a blog as planned which is the least priority task in todays  list. Oh its Monday and I dont complain about it ..thanks to my visits and pursuits!





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