A tale of two movies

In a depressed phase, I wanted to turn my mind off from negative thoughts which is possible only when you do something which makes you forget about everything else. But being the intellectually spoiled , just any movie wouldnt do the trick for me. Anyways I decided to place the bet on Mankathaa.

Having seen everyone celebrate the movie, I was really expecting something fresh only to be disappointed. Venkat Prabhu had just one more ingredient ‘Thala” to his regular masala condiments. Right from the start, to the end the movie had reflections of the previous Venkat Prabhu outings and few hollywood heist scenes. Its a welcome change that heroes have become anti-heroes, but the fact that its again a celebration of heroism defeats the purpose of the change. Nothing worked for me in the movie, Trisha’s voice was horrible, Arjun’s hair and costumes tried to elevate him to the likes of Bonds but there was no depth in their Tom and Jerry games. Jokes – you must be joking , Premjis hacker get up and his hacking methods were huge jokes then the intended jokes. Ajith has the charm but stop comparing him with the likes of Clooney. An actor has to lend to the character and it always happens the other way with our heroes. I am not against commercial movies, I do love to watch them.But  I still wonder how they managed to sell of a sleazy movie riding on the back of Ajith fans, which are quite large in number.



Next it was KO. Decided to go to the movie for the same reason and it worked. It was a super commercial political drama which had every odd thing Mankatha had but in right doses. It had a beautiful screenplay and  a climax twist which startled the entire happenings which happened before that. Venkat’s movie also had a similar twist, but it was predictable and was also artificial. There were many good things about KO, the pace – it started with a bank robbery and momentum kept going for most of the movie. There wasnt a separate comedy track for the movie, there were characters within the story line which provided humour as and when required. The director was in full control and was able to change gears whenever required by inserting songs. Couple of duets could have been avoided but they werent bad either. The heroine was super cute and sported  a saree all through the movie. Except  during the show offs at the songs, she was a charmer and had a meaty role to play as well. The movie also portrayed the political scenery in the state, and it would have been quite an education for the mass.Jiiva once again proved that he is a good actor.

Now comes my take away from the movie,

1.Heroes character – For me it resembled the directors attitude. He seems to have a yearning to give quality movies at the same time he is concerned that producing such movies should be feasible too. In the same way Jiiva has high ideals but compromises with the biggies, knowing their ways with the sole aim of surviving and persisting. He is devoted to his work – the quote poster which he has in his work place had lot of awesome quotes.

2. Writers director – The screenplay was nothing new. It had the usual feel good elements and the surprise came in the last in the form a twist where all those feel good factors was turned upside down.There was never a dull moment in the movie.

3. Takeaway – Inspite of being a entertainer – the movie had some take home values. The portrayal of the conflicts between the press and the power , reinforced in our minds the power of the press.


I have watched it quite late, but I feel we should welcome more of Ko’s than Mankathaa. Only thing which I didnt understand was the title of the movie.


PS: I had watched three movies at once while watching KO. There were couples on either side who were more romantic than the lead pair on the screen. Thats an horrible seat you could get, when you are all alone to the movie.:(







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  1. Anonymous says:

    title of which one!?

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