Like child and child-like

Even if I am nonchalant to everything else in the world, I never miss to be enticed by a twinkle in a childs eye. In traffic,in park,at school,at their play time, in their study time,in their shopping moments – I have observed them at all these places and found only one thing in common. They refuse to do what doesnt excite them and they do what they decide to do with unlimited excitment.

This triggered me to live life like a child. But at the same time knowledge is what we depend on for life. The more we know, the more we reap.Knowledge is mostly an repercussion of experience. And a child doesnt have enough experience to be aware of what we are aware of. That permits the child to act the way it is, while we are burdened with our knowledge.
So the challenge is to be a child inspite of having the ‘experience’ of a grown up. A child doesnt think of its ‘status’ but is aware of and fights for his needs. A child has more moments to smile/cry than most of us. That’s because a child explores and takes lots of risks walking out of its path and it smiles/cries based on the result. While as a grown up we tend to avoid tears which mostly prevents smiles.The ability to think is the difference between a child and a grown up. So its all about losing that ‘thinking’ ability to be happy like a child?

A man who thinks, remains indecisive, for decisions are mostly made when thinking is absent. Either he hasnt thought about it, or he had had every possible thoughts about it and there is nothing further to think about it. Its in one of these two moments, a mind makes a decision. [Read these from a analysis on GITA. And the MAN here refers to ARJUNA]

So its not just being innocent, but being indifferent to those ‘experiences’ even after experiencing it which makes you a grown up child?


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