It wasnt what it had to be

11 months ago sitting in the same Dulles terminals, I unpacked my dreams. Within hours I had to cover it and adjust it to fit the surroundings and in the process it remained wrapped for a long time. Now sitting in the same Dulles terminal I am trying to gather them as I proceed back home.

But leave alone the dreams.I left beneath few of my beloved belongings with and without conscience. Its the ones who miss without conscience troubles you the most.Same applies to the abstract thoughts too. Without my consent I had to part certain thoughts of mine.

Life is going to be different after getting back because the world will expect me to be a man and not a boy. And more over the warmth of KNBL will be missing and lot of comfort zones doesnt exist anymore. Its going to be a different ball game and all I can feel  is  “Last chance Harvey”.




4 Responses to It wasnt what it had to be

  1. great_raisin says:

    never fear, you are welcome here! 🙂 listen to this song called ‘welcome to india’ by luda krishna & vikram mc. it is sure to raise your spirits and lighten your mood. 😉

  2. Divya says:

    A different beautiful enhancing ball game 🙂 Welcome !

  3. @Rahul Will listen to it. Thanks for the following and encouraging. Indeed I am amazed at the power of toastmasters and the warmth I receive from tms like you.

  4. @Divya.. So true:) I could feel it. Lots of surprises for myself by myself.Enjoying it

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