World as it is

The world – I wanted to make one for me.With this thought I set foot in to it,merged with it without getting mixed with it. And later now I find its different and difficult,if not impossible to live outside the existing one. Still I do have that hope,urge and desire – whatever you call it – THAT to create my own world. Materials wont matter in it.Accomplishments wont talk in it. Future will not be bothered in it. Existence will be celebrated with those who exist in it.In this world,at this moment I learn from my mis-steps. Steps set in wrong sail,outcomes experienced much before it became an outcome and the instances where my foot went back. From here I carry the burden of WISDOM over and in my heads, which will guide in my path. I may or may not create my world, but I will continue to live where ever I exist, like I wanted to live in my world.Then the may or may not,will not matter.

Holding the cravings, enriching the ego and pushing the ability – these are my quests! As long as I have fellow travellers I will continue and even if none I can give myself a good company….The journey continues in the same path with a new insight. DESTINATION is not sought for I will reach there,rather how is where the experience made for evolution to continue.PERIOD!



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