How did it change

Slept with holding the memory management concepts in my cache, woke up to a binary tree,walked like  a pro with a camera and thoughts like a king. And while bathing,lightening striked -a truly awesome and possible thought struck my mind. Only I stand between it and myself, If I make that decision, it could be one of the best I will make in life–analyzing it. But two days back I was a zombie. I worked in the same place doing the same work, walking the same path everyday. But today I spotted a lot of difference. I watched a kid hopping instead of walking, smiling faces and I saw him and was proud of him too – Yes Me in the reflections of  glass shielded shops. Not just the illusion of that image, I enjoyed the way in which my mind reflected the experience as thoughts. Now I am sure I am a man of good thoughts(atleast for half-time period of a sinusoidal wave) , but to make it full I need actions. I am in to act but its a little longer scene !


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