Its okay to be 26 and who you are!

Yes I turned 26 physically but still feel like a 17 year old,waiting to step in to the world when I am already in the middle of it. I was super sad and indeed scared on how I am going to handle this clock ticks.I even went on to turn everything in the world which could remind me of this overrun.But you cant turn off your MOM and best friends. I had some heart warming wishes.Will share a collage of them for I admire the few but very good friendships I have made.Not that I dont count you as a friend if you dont wish me,but I take pride in the understanding I share with these guys.

Certainly there is a bag of regrets , but also there is another bag of responsibility and shield of growth. As usual , I walked in search of kids and found a bunch of them in a toystore and a play area. I know I must grow up soon to be responsible for few like that! When thinking about it,lot of other thoughts passed by and it felt good to loose some of the puerile thoughts I had lived with. I am not going to disclose them but those losses made up for the regrets and the day ends on a good note “Its okay to be 26!”.

Oh Mom and Dad stop pampering me. See I am 26 but feeling like 17 :)!


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