Back to School.

For reasons unknown I was getting dreams which has me in school in recent months. The sad part of those dreams is most of them occur at a day or hour close to exams for which I am not prepared as usual. – Nightmares.

Yesterday while poking around in facebook found an LKG Moms expression about the first day in school. I loved the discussions which followed that comment and it took me back in time to my own first days in June! Starting afresh in life is always a wonderful option and it happens once in a year during our school days. The process actually starts two three weeks in advance when they start issuing the books. Opening those new books and feeling the smell and seeing the breadth of it is once scintillating experience. School book designers really do a noble job. I still remember the pages of my 4th std social science book which was quite like a tour of India with vivid photographs. The cursive writing book and the two lines note book is one big torture.[I once wrote two lines in advance for a month and when my tamil miss discovered that she pinched my nails!]. Getting good, very good , nandru ,mega nandru was a better experience than gettting rises and yearly apprisals.

I still remember that I used to say 25 out of 23 and get scoldings from my mom for saying it in reverse order. Getting shoes,bags and all necessary accessories makes every student complete.Then the books have to be bound and the notebooks must be covered. Finding attractive labels , sticker labels, gum based labels, writing names in it [till std 5 I outsourced it to mom or dad], these happen during the first few days.

And every year we keep growing and we keep looking the grade we past with a smirk  as if we have outgrown them. There will be few changes,missing faces,new faces and sumer time stories. We mostly will be having a new CLASS TEACHER who is the shepherd of all those scape goats.Discovering who is assigned for which subject will be moments of joy and cry. Yes we will be happy if we are spared from the ones who handle with cane, and we will feel happy to have those who handle with care. I have had good teachers all along at school. I worship them! Right from my first std Mallika Miss to 12th std Senthil Kumar Sir, I have had a special place for one reason or other  and had a good run.

We return home and tell new stories to parents exciting both us and them. June is the month of liberation – where we tend to get little extra play time and take our own time to settle down. My study hours were very strict at home. It will be marked by the bus schedules. I and my mom will have a deal that I will be home when THAT bus goes in that direction and I will have to study even if I dont have HOME WORK till this bus goes in that direction. Bliss of growing up near road. (I cherish the village experience too!). Those where days where I felt unlimited joy when the bus crosses five minutes in advance:)

VOILA! I must tell about my commitments. I am generally known as a lazy douchebag to those who studied with me. But I remember the way I prepared for my first unit tests in 12 th std. I was very particular about MATHS,PHYSICS and CHEMISTRY. My masters were surprised at my presentation in papers and everyone came and had a special word with me thinking that I was the race horse for the year. But later I became a dark horse [thats a sad story!]. I studied those electromagnetics well past midnight and I still remember them. And I scored 75/75 in physics,74/75 in chemistry and 97/100 in Maths. Might sound simple for most of you but for me its one exam where I gave my best! Seriously I didnt care 50% of the extent i did for it for my public exams. Even the biology teacher came up and congratualted and motivated me to keep the form and make wonders [I was a computer science student!] But after that I got bored of exams and ended up writing stories in them.:)

Well I am off track, I wanted to write more on June experience but still I am glad that I am sticking with school. Considering the rustic background,I should say that my education is a gift for me and I should thank the visionaries [Few of their methods are unmatched!] for giving me a good primary education. Its only in the secondary education, they stinked chasing marks. I had to get principals permission if I had to attend IIT JEE coaching classes every three months [I had aspiration and perspiration, but the question is not about making it,i didnt even waste money on my applications!]. Had they thought little beyond the normal me and my wonderful friends would have been better than what we are now. But still what we are is because of those wonderful teachers. I see that my friends circle carries with them a unique AKT aura.


I can write a  book about my days in AKT, but the unsaid words and never ending images which appears before my eyes now tells thousand tales.Sad that now the standards are down but the scores are high. But bet learning should be more fun! Tickle those little brains and excite them. You will never know how fresh and great they are. I am waiting to go back to school with my kid! And since the usual posts are becoming a hit if I have a mention about  ‘my girl’ I follow that tradition here too. Whoe ever it might be, ‘MY GIRL’ – dont be a martinet for marks, be a angel for my kids who makes learning as play and makes them learn even in a play. If you feel you find some one qualified , you must know my email address:)





4 Responses to Back to School.

  1. Anonymous says:

    loved this thoroughly… esp the part on getting nandru, mikka nandru is so true. How I wish we were back to school. And watever made me want to grow up then!!!

  2. Sticker labels,ordinary labels ,brown cover , newspaper cover and ink pen remembers school days. Wonderful post in school days reminiscence

  3. krishnan says:

    As always a post that had warmth written all over it.. 🙂
    The ending was the cheery atop the cake!! Lol…

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