My social status

These days “social status” means a total different thing, than what it meant 10 years ago. If you are that old school father with a beautiful sorry intelligent girl (actually AND:)) who wants to hand over your girl only to a man with good social status – yes you can consider me. I post photos of dream lands, I tweet happy tweets, post like a millionaire and pose like a happy man. Will you?

But think. Everyone shares only what makes them look better in the beholders eyes. You never photograph yourself straight out of bed, or tweet “Oh my breath really stinks!”. So these social sites are full of happy moments mostly [My case is an exception!]. There are people who over do it. [No not me..:)]. Instead of being generic let me take it very personal and analyze it from my experiences.

I feel that I am not missing the toastmasters and the special moments by being part of the fun which follows such real world events. There must be people wondering whether I am just waiting for someone to comment staring at the fb page, because my repartees are that quick. But being a geek I am used to multiprocessing and I have my own way of handling things. [I dont deny that I am over active there, but if I want to disconnect I can for better reasons.] I write this blog as I follow a funny discussion πŸ™‚

Then there are those moments of loneliness. And you open up and find some one who has expressed something sincere to you. [It may be a small ACK to your thought which no one ACKed in your real immediate world.]You start to believe more in those thoughts and make life better.

And my posts – I rarely flush out all my thoughts and likes.When I am in control I flush only certain things which could be likable and usable for others[My filters may fail but intention is sure!] .Analytically I post hardly 10% of my thougths and 60% of the rest are for my closed ones [again they are divided between many so they arent overwhelmed – yet there are few who have to handle my torrential garbage and make sense out of it]. I am lucky to have such friends who are ears, and they dont hate me for it.[I believe so]. You are always free to mark me as spam or hide me. But if you want to earn some information from me you must bear the garbage I wrap them in.

Twitter is a different world – I dont want to explain the kind of benefits I derive there. Its a network of strangers. Right from following the heroes of your choice to the divas of your dreams its a funny virtual world – the confluence of the intellectuals.

And especially in onsite I use facebook more than before, even if I despise certain policies of it. Thats because it helps me stay sane.Now let me say something which I havent said in those status messages.

Life is not as beautiful as it looks, but it can be as beautiful as you look at it. So when you look at only the happy messages [not that I dont post sad ones..the sad ones are encoded in a cryptic language which only very few can decipher] you assume that I am this little boy who got dropped in Alice’s wonderland. Sadly thats wrong. I have experienced life only in the last one year to the fullest. To the fullest includes – struggle for all the basic amenities Food,shelter and ?[Oops i forgot my primary school science].Dont ever compare your unfulfilled wishes with my fulfilled little wishes for they werent fully filled.

At the same time I thank all those people who boosted my ego by accepting,acknowledging and appreciating.I took few of them very seriously than you have thought about it and dismissed most of them as jokes. Yes I do check the notification bar as first thing when i log in facebook but I dont count the likes, rather I analyse how people view things from their end[Believe me my self-rated best thoughts have rarely got universal likes.]

Good or bad, there arent many people who follow my blogs so I am more liberal here without much restrains to the thoughts. The day when I see more crowed behind me, I will start moving :). I feel these blogs isΒ  a true indicator of my evolution and I will continue to evolve.

Now little generic,

I admire passion and love and like those posts without second thoughts. But I come across few fashion stuff [show off] I happily ignore or hide them without complaining. I wish you do the same.


And again I think I have explained by social status, dont judge me virtually unless you know me physically.If you want to test me for your girl either talk to my parents [YEP I still belong to the traditional old school family!] or ask her to have a coffee with me [Not you:P)].







13 Responses to My social status

  1. Karthik says:

    Excellent! straight from the Gut..

    u hav given evry inch abt u n u r wat most intellectuals(excludin me) are, who give out carefully n intake needed only…

    2 be critical, sounds little harsh on girls dad.. hope d beautiful girls dad dont become villany after readin this.. I give 100% assurance for DEEPak…

  2. Honored! And thanks. You exclude you from the list(!?), mm there are few exceptional cases we will try and catch those cases like you too:!

    Girls dad – that was just included for an introduction and conclusion fun!I bet whether any girls Dad would read this at all.If he reads let me let me know:) he must have a good girl for sure!:)

  3. Lakshminarayanan says:

    Nice post Deepak, without any inhibitions.

    You have started looking for a girl I guess!!

  4. Thanks Lakshmi!Huh.. Yes may be without my conscience:) But you know better what our First and foremost quest is.

  5. Kr says:

    Really superb!!! I had a chance to hear your speeches like this. Now able to read. Looking for many more.

  6. anand85ind says:

    Nadathu Nadathu.. Naangalae unaku oru ponnu paathu kuduthudroam.. πŸ™‚

    To say about this post: It landed straight from your heart πŸ™‚

  7. Ada pavingala naan chumma orru humorous speech attempt panna, you people are trying to make humours moments out of it!! Anyways keep looking for it:)

    Yes Anand. I wrote what I felt!Thanks for the ACK!

  8. Anonymous says:

    I love the following lines

    “Good or bad, there arent many people who follow my blogs so I am more liberal here without much restrains to the thoughts. The day when I see more crowed behind me, I will start moving ”

    Guess then we might miss you very soon…. πŸ™‚

    • Yes captain..I have been writing blogs for 4 years but the moment I write with some masala , it has become a hit:!) BUt dont worry if not blogs I will write mails to you:)

  9. The last comment was by me and it’s not anonymous πŸ™‚

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