A poetic morning

It was a warm and fuzzy friday. In this part of year, at this part of the world sun rises up too early to try to catch up with it. So I had the curtains stretched to prevent  a tiny speck of light which could disturb my shortened sleeps. I woke up at eight with colorful dreams and a good to-do list. I pulled off the curtain only to see dark clouds and signs of coldness! Goodness it is, the external weather too changes in tune with my internal weather.

I ran out of milk and the fact was out of my memory when I did shopping yesterday, hence thought of walking a bit and having my peg at starbucks. But voila. there were plenty of sights on the way to delight me. First and foremost there was a soccer camp for kid girls”:):) It was delightful to watch their pony tails dance in air, and the tiny legs roam in search of the ball. Went and found a huge line in StarBucks! No differWhen I smiled and poked at him, he informed his mom which only made her hurry in to angry:)

I took my stuff, and on the way back there was this little angel in starbucks queue! Forgot to note, when I entered there was even a grown up angel whom I stared at and she stared back!:) With those vision, the thoughts rolled on about my VISION in life and for the day. Thought those thoughts are bookmark worthy. Hence blogging it! I have my moments in Simi Valley too:):)

Yep on the way back I saw kid-dad practicing football! Gorgeous!




One Response to A poetic morning

  1. TM Deepak says:

    What a day..No I didnt even touch my books!laptop! Went around with Sathyas Family to Northridge. Saw kids! Kids Kids and Kids. Shooted like a pro. Slept like a baby. And cooked like a chef. Ate like a child.
    And as all good days , watched a movie in theathre to end it. Finally found some form again:) Lovely day it is!

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