Dream Girls

Well  being pathetic at work, I dont yet find myself equipped enough in most ways for a family mans life.But I adore kids and the thought of having one some times looks stimulating. But even then I should wait till I get equipped:! Atleast two more years!  But this world around me has people who think I need to fall in that trap right now. Not to hurt them but to guide them, I list few of my dream girls. They cant find them because they are dream girls they existed only in movies. But I would love to be with anyone who reflects this dream girls! Now here we go.

KanthilMuthamital Simran – Indira??

Its one of my favourite movies, not essentially for the political aspects it wobbles around but for the family values. An adorable news reader binds with a if not despicable but angry writer. The thought of having a news reader will make my kid go gaga seeing her mom daily in television. She loves literature and inspires the man to write. Any woman who moves the man to go higher in his pursuit shouldnt be missed!. And the way she cares for her boys and adopted girls make her a complete mom. Her humour sense is evident when she avoids a call saying Maddy is ill when is just sitting good! The romantic prelude in the flash back is classic. I have searched my next doors. I didnt find any girl like that. And I should remember that I am not maddy as well:(

Priya (Divya Spandana ) – Varanam Ayiram

Man she is one awesome woman and this love is one amazing one. Being  friends from childhood she falls to the handsome boy next door. But knowing he is taken, she is sensible and conceals it. Again when she knows that he dropped her sweet heart, she walks in consoles without trying to attract him. But puts her love in that wonderful night while waiting for bus (41 c to be precise!). She is the one of that kind who can quell fire by pouring dew drops. Pragmatic and Sensible.

Isha Deol  – Ayutha Eluthu

I have high regards for Delhi school of economics and I am ready for anyone from there. But this girl has that charming personality,knows french,french kisses and smiles amicably. Playful yet empathetic , moreover goes after a guy who takes risk in life. Surprises are very essential in relationships and she has the ability to offer it in plenty. “Namma thothu poitoom micheal” to “Nallu thogithiileyum jaichitoom:”  – such transition makes even mundane moments special. And imagine how such girls can turn around special moments. Moreover she is that kind of girl who will absolve you even if you tell the truth (Unmai sonnal manipaya..:)). Frolic,friendly and faithful.

Jothika in Kaka kakka

She is a maths teacher , went to IIT – that makes her brainy but being shot in Gautams movie she is beautiful as well than the above lot. She marks her difference when she admits her love and knows what the response will be and says I didnt want your response. She can make a action filled life turn romantic and feel good. She can teach your kids to multiply,play music and shake legs for it.She is a pack of desires who will keep life entertained. Calculative, caring and Cute:!:)

Tabu in Kandukonden Kandukonden:

She is way too tall so might recommend for Ashok. But yet she  wins heart with her spirit life. Though there was a pretty sister in her house I prefer her because she is the sensible of the two.She will help you through the difficult days to wither the storm. Being tough she wont play the natural girls drama and assist you in fulfilling your desires. Even if she hates you, it s going to be for your good.  That gloomy look in her eyes is what I like the most. Tall and telepathetic:)

Ok these are the girls I could recollect now.  I had loved them on screen for their roles. There are others like aish in guru, amala,sittara in any movie for their absolute charm,shopana especially in thalapathi.(Rajni was a real loser in that movie losing her). If i want to pick among recent movies I did like Pooja for her charm but no great roles reflecting her charm. Priya Mani is a kind of challenging personality on screen.

Well these are the girls I liked. Now if you find any of them and they express their willingness , inspite of knowing that I am not a surya or madhavan but a little bit of micehal and little bit of kannthil mutamitall madavan! Yep I seem to have some of these hero character traits too. So if you find them lets try to make a match. Until then please dont ask me to pair up with other heroines. I have a busy calendar and I dont have time – Thats my response for others:)

PS: Purely fun and pun intended:)! Lets read it after 20 years and have even more fun!

Tabu in Kandukonden Kandukonden:


9 Responses to Dream Girls

  1. OOPS how come I miss Malini. She is supposed to be the one who beleived in DESTINY. I love her! The way she narrates her love to her son portrays the essence with which the family is made. I like the way she treats her grown up kid. She is one of the kind who will fill your charmness even when you are old. “Munthinam parthene..”

  2. Preethe says:

    You missed the bubbly bubbly Hasini
    And the daring and the lady with most beautiful eyes .. heroine of Ko movie

  3. Anand N says:

    Different write up and nice imagination. Liked it 🙂 NICE IMAGINATION 😉

    Enaku anthosh Subramaniam Hasini maadhri ponnu kedacha podhum 😉

    unakum nalla ponnu kedaipa 🙂

  4. Lady Peare says:

    God !! A big dream indeed ! 🙂 Loved it Peerless !
    I wish you get a girl who’s a combo of all the ladies you mentioned here… Wish you luck.

  5. Dey Anand..I will kill you.This is not imagination. It happened for real in the movie screens. Thanks for the wishes and I curse you that you will get a girl only after searching hard 🙂

  6. prabakaran says:

    my mind ticks for …Isha Deol – Ayutha Eluthu… :)..

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