Secret broken in Ice breaker – Peerless and ‘peer’ less Deepak

Well I used to get these questions “Whats the meaning of peerless?/ Why do you call yourself peerless?”. Well its time to find answer for it and being a toastmaster I answered it in a speech. Below is the extended script of my ice breaker presented in Simi Valley toastmasters.

Here you go , fearless deepak with the reason behind peerless deepak.

I apologize if I am about to affect most of your beliefs. Because I was agnostic about GOD,theology numerology and astrology as a child , teen and till some time ago. But now I am afraid whether I may have to believe it.But these recurring incidents gives me a fear whether I may have to believe the logic-less logies.It happened yet again. Last week I was depressed and dejected yet again for no reasons. There were no embarrassments or moments of concern in that week. Yet I felt helpless, emotionless depressed and dejected. I had such cyclic phases in my life cycle. I wanted to find the reason behind it and ran around the Internet. It said it could be because of the imbalance of certain fluids within the body and called it bipolar disorder which can be purely because of biological reasons. And my moon signs said it can be because of astrological reasons. Oh Yes I was born on June 20 which makes me a gemini represented by the identical yet diverse twins. Gemini is two diverse personalities packed in to one.

Yes I am peerless at some times and ‘peer’ less at rest of the times. Good things first. I gave this adjective ‘peerless’ to myself when I was in college. I named myself so because I sat one day and found out that I dont have many friends or people who enjoyed the same things as I did and hence I was short of accomplices for my crimes.. peers for my pleasure. Hence I named myself peerless. From then I created a brand for myself and most of my friends know me as peerless Deepak. A crazy individual who will go around doing all unnecessary stuff avoiding the necessary stuff. I enjoyed the extra curricula rs at college and missed out on the scores. But anyways I had a charm on my own justifying the ‘peerless’ adjective. But I was fighting a battle within me. There have been times when I enjoyed every breath of life and others when I struggled hating it to the core. My life has been a mixed bag of highs and lows and as I grew, I learnt taming the lows. One day I expect that all those lows terminate into highs.. highs to love completely, live joyfully and breath peacefully.

Well the cycle continued as I changed lanes from college to career – writing software at the lowest levels for most of the devices we use in our everyday life. If you had used internet or mobile phone there is a great chance that you have used my work. In future if you watch a a movie, there is a great chance that you watched one shot with a camera made by a team which had me.I enjoy finding out how things work in the world and I love my job when it helps me to do it. My job takes me to places. Born and brought up in a village in India I was exposed to metro life because of my job five years ago.

The same job led me to the city of dreams and gave me a place to work right in the middle of Hollywood. I was working from a place very close to Hollywood and Vine for the last ten months. When I came here first , what was right in India was left here . I mean the driving lanes. What was ON in India was OFF here. I mean the direction in which you toggle the switches. What was day in India was night here. My life was reversed. I had to cope up with the cultural changes. I initially classified Los angeles as a dirty and crude city. But as I lived along for a year I understood the beauty in that crudeness and dirtyness. I love the exposition park which houses many wonders of the world. The science center there is one true gift to southern california and I am sure it will motivate many kids to dream big in life and I am one among them.

I should also say about toastmasters. I joined toastmasters three years ago and it is a life changing experience for me. I have made a bunch of good friendships and in Chennai we celebrate toastmasters. My joy was boundless when I heard that last week toastmasters from my region have won top awards in the district contests. And I should also thank you and all the toastmasters club which accepted me like their own member whenever I walk in. I am always toast-lucky. I usually find a toastmasters club in the same street as where I live for the last three years! I swear to create one in my street if I dont have one. Thats the kind of respect I have towards this movement. Thanks for offering me a chance to break ice with you. I like this trait in this part of the world. You guys welcome all cultures and take the best out of it and merge it in to yours. This time I am taking the best practices here and will get back to my country with it to create a peerless experience.Thank you everyone.


2 Responses to Secret broken in Ice breaker – Peerless and ‘peer’ less Deepak

  1. Rajeev Nambiar says:

    Hey deepak,

    Wow it would have been gr8 if i was among the audience.Gr8 work dude.try repeating this when in india.cheers

  2. Thanks Rajeev for leaving your traces. Its made for USA. Will have to adjust it for India. I have a different one planned for INDIA and especially WORDSMITHS

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