Los(t) Angeles

I wonder whether there could be a day as perfect as today in the days to come. Each and every minute was exhilarating and the experience was enhancing.Attempting it to capture in to words is an impossible task which  I am attempting now. Today was my last day “Out” in Los angeles and it was a great co-incidence that the annual LA book festival was scheduled today in USC. Even otherwise I would have spent today in USC and exposition park. But this co-incidence made the incidents very memorable.

As usual my pals were not interested in my ventures, and I was glad to part them because I would have had to slow down if some one had accompanied. Today I missed the transit bus in a bus stop, but ran and caught in the next stop. That says how fast I was and also shows how fast the metro bus could have been! Bus dropped me right in the gates of USC and my first panel discussion was exactly at the other end of the campus. Hence I had to walk through the book fair/festival and it was like walking the path of heaven. There were stalls from different publishers as usual but their ambition was not to sell books but mostly to market it well. Hence the advertisements and tactics were a treat to the eyes. There was one huge wall where everyone has to write the book you are reading , there were stages at different places which provided vareity of entertainment.

The panel discussion were free to attend but there was a service charge of 1$, and has to be pre reserved online. My first session was about graphic novels and I reached bang on time for it. It was a unique experience peeping in to the authors mind and I was able to get a glimpse of how the minds of creators work. I always wanted to catch up with such nice discussions ever since I landed here and it happened atlast! The next panel I had tickets was about young adult literature. Three of the five finalists in that category got together and discussed about their works. Again it was an enthralling and enriching experience watching those professional writers respond to queries and work. I am planning to write a separate post on these discussions ,hence lets move on.

After those discussions I was free to roam , and the first thing I did was to write my name on a board and take a picture with it. It is actually a game which can be later played online. Writing “Peerless” in any form is always an exciting deed for me:) . From there I went to sign on the huge walls and started peeping in to the book stores. Luckily either there were no technology stores or I didnt spot them.Though the books were appealing they were costly by Indian standards and I dont have any more space left in the bag to India. So there was a huge restriction in Peerless Inc to buy books and I successfully managed to abide by it.

I had stopped in the childrens stage and my heart stopped beating , looking at the wonderful moments made there. I joined the gang of parents and kids and started dancing and singing with them. The kids were all excited , especially whenever the camera captured them and put them on the giant screen , those little things went berserk and gave their fullest energy to whatever they were doing. Thanks to my galaxy mobile, I collected some souvenir videos using it.I was all buoyant  and cried out of joy watching hundred of kids. It was more than a dream !

From there I stepped out for lunch and had some junkies sitting on the exposition drive opposite to the LAs most wonderful place – Exposition park. I was thinking about the past,present and future. Though I didnt achieve anything here – I am not part of USC, I dont have anything to do with all these wonders, but I have been here and the kind of thoughts which these places have given me is very unique experience. Thats when I realised human journey is a long one and it will be continued even after we depart the space by our generation next.

While those thoughts were lingering around my mind, I entered the African American museum. It was a collection of exhibits about how the africans were forced as slaves in USA and how they are what they are from then. There I learned how people exist, without knowing about their ancestors. There were lot of African American browsing through it earnest passion. From being slaves to being equals today,they have come a very long way and those thoughts combined with the already lingering thoughts on evolution . I had little fun with the host there and I walked towards the science center for one last time in this stint.

Science Center- the place where kids meet their books come to life and learn life. Its not just for the kids but anyone who loves exhibits. Every time I enter this place I get an enthused to create one such for kids in our place.Learning could be lot more fun like this and every kid deserves it. I ran through to look at a special exhibit called “Goose Bumps” but it was closed.:( I also became a kid and did go through some experiments. There were plenty of shooting opportunities and I didnt miss them. With the heart saying no but the mind wanting more I had to turn off my heart to step out of that place. I bid adieu saying “Good Bye Science Center, I will see you again with my kids!”! Yes Wherever I am I will have to bring them here to this wonderful place.!

I walked to the adjacent natural history museum but it was almost closed hence I didnt want to waste money. But it should also be a different museum about evolution of life. They had a insect zoo, butterfly exhibit and whole lot of other things.Walking in exposition park is heart warming exercise and I did that , mellowing beautiful thoughts. My legs took me to rose garden where kids blossom along with flowers. There were kids,there were lovers and wedding going on. And USC was again inviting me which just lay close to the rose garden.

This entrance of USC took me to the philosophy department and the building housing it was quite artistic.As I walked in a LA times kiosk wanted my photograph for which i happily posed. Had some merry with the kids again. US is no different for freebies, stood in a long line for a free ice cream:) Walked through the stalls and finally made out a long route to return home. I travelled all the way to Union Station via perishing square. And I stumbled upon a movie shooting at perishing square. The camera used was RED and it was very nice to watch something which we work on in working state. I said to myself, this day cant be better and felt happy for the way it turned out.

I intentionally took a long route,travelled through the metro rails and reached Hollywood and Vine station. What initially appeared as dirty and crude to me , now became the marks of beauty for LA. Every place has a character with it , and it passes it on to the people living in it. LA is a city of wide diversity and its quite visible on its roads. I enjoyed each and every trait of it in the long ride. There was a old man enquiring  a woman in a way to impress her. There were school kids going off to the Dodgers stadium with all noise. There were mexican dolls serving their boy friends. And there were hard working single women getting back from work. And also there were the LAmark street residents singing and dancing to themselves. And there was also this beautiful and composed white lady who was a delight to watch.

From there I took 180 towards my home. It was quite a journey – I feel like departing an institution where I have learned something. Yes in the short life here I have learned lots of stuff from cooking to managing depression.! All in all Los Angeles – You will stay in my memories and you will never be Lost. I may go places in life but you were the first giant who accommodated me and as it holds for every first,you will be special CITY for me.

GoodBye! You made a lover of a person who wanted to hate you!


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  1. WOW.. I have indeed taken a hollywood movie:) I cherish that day this post and these experiences. I could see all of them through this words.

    Loving it!The angels arent lost.They are with me guiding my actions:)

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