The bus not taken..

Its time for creating memories. It was obvious yesterday that it was more than a dream experience for me to watch a hollywood movie five years back. Today I have been in Hollywood close to an year writing code(!?:() to take movies. When its time to move,its necessary to pack the memories and save them for future reference. Hence I started to take metro buses instead of office van on the way back home. Today it turned out to be a special walk.

Sathya was also ready for an early start and we walked through the Vine street to Hollywood Bl where we get buses. We had nice chats about upcoming things and certain things which doesnt change within the corporate :). When he dropped off for groceries I took my mobile and started shooting. Also there were interesting things to sight. As usual mad people on the sides of roads talking to themselves. Pantages parking starting to fill in for the 8’o clock “Burn the floor”! People walking in and disappearing underground for the subway metro rail. Waiting in Vine and Hollywood for 180 is such an enriching experience to watch people. People of all kinds will be there. Topless buses and even less dressed women. Also the ENGLISH dressed couples waiting to get in to the dance shows .

I took the bus and riding a public transport with a seat on is the real way to know the city and culture. There was this couple  who boarded with me. But the girl went towards the back and started a friendly hug with another guy when her guy was all lost in ipod:)! I was all eager to find out whats happening and went and sat  in a seat comfortable enough to understand whats going on. That new guy seemed to be some one who is ‘trying’ in hollywood. The girl and boy discussed about some form of art for sure and the boy started showing albums containing his pictures. Chumma micheal jackson mathri dress pootuu vitha vithama photo eduthu irunthan. The girl was typically a girl and gave an impression that she was impressed but I doubt it:) Her real man(!?) was enjoying the music without any worries:) I didnt know whether this was just a momentary bus friend ship. But it was full of energy. They wished good luck for each other and transfered loads of energy.

I got down with her miles ahead of my own stop, but not to follow her but to trace my steps in the path in which I walked during my first week end in LA. It was a nice little shopping street and I started window shopping in all those shops.One of the shops had this store closing sale and I went in and there was almost nothing. And all those little things which were there were priced exorbitantly but with 70″% off for them. I cornered around a T-Shirt and asked for price ..reply came as 5$ ..Thought that would make a good souvenir for this wonderful evening.So packed it and I stumbled upon a nice hat. I would have never bought it for 80$ but since they offered it for 20$ I got that too…Still I wont have got it for 1000 rs:) but I will pay 20$:)

Moved to the next stop found nice dresses at regular prices , so just tried them and enjoyed my beauty and trendy fashions in the mirror and kept it in th shelves where I took it! Next in line was a book shop. I was surprised when it happened to be speciality book shop. It was a shop for artists and there were lot of fashion books. Ranging from porn stars to royal queens each and every book there was very fresh to me and above ll they were beautiful. I walked through them .. to just quote a few there were pictures of different cities, a 3D book of Big breasts with a 3D glass,books about movies. I loved it and I found them to be cheaper to. Yes I didnt find 60$ to be costly for the kind of content I saw inside them!

Next in lane was a normal book shop. As usual I followed the sound  of a crackling baby and found a cute mom-baby pair browsing for books. There were books for all ages and I started reading a book called  “Raj the Tiger”. It was a pictorial story about a Indian tiger living in a book store. Before some one groans about me being childish let me tell you I also saw glimpses of books on 101 best sexual positions etc etc..There were lot of variety and new books but I managed to come out without pinching my purse since I dont have space to carry them along.

Next to the store was Los Feliz cinemas, Its where I watched KIds are all right and it is one of the oldest theatres in Los Angeles. I  walked in to lot of fashion stores and finally saw a good old Italian restaraunt. Just thought of ordering a slice of pizza. Surprisingly the lady said only 2.5$ for it (Usually 4-6$ in other places) and the man offered unlimited complimentary drink for me. It must have been a traditional place and I had shooting opportunities. And the pizza slice turned out to be big too. I had to eat it all the way back home releiving my mobile the burden to take pictures.

I was never alone because I was completely with myself. I rerun my life in my mind and prerun the to be life in my brain. I felt its okay to turn 26 inspite of my faults because I am something! I rang my mom and updated status and continued my walk. As I neared my room the beauty of spring has decorated the foutain and spotted a mom and kid playing with each other during their evening jog. I said to myself I should ensure that I should be there with my son where ever I am in this time of the day.!

The bus which I hadnt taken , led me to the same destination but in a different style giving a distinct experience. As always its not the destination,its not the comfort but its the luxury of being ‘happy’ which matters in the ride called life! I am a happy man today.


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