Movie seeing experiences.

I seem to have a great like for movies which is slightly of higher degree than a normal human being,so at times I am even being labelled movie freak in my friends group. In this post Iwant to recollect how I had watched movies all through my life.

My mom used to tell Muthal mariyathai was the first movie they took me in as a baby. And there were stories that I used to respond well for a song in that movie ..” Kurruvi..Kurruvi..chittu kurvi..!”. But this is something from the genes I guess. My mom also told me her experience that they  went for a movie when I was almost ‘expected’ . My Dad had stuffed money in his packets and they went for a movie. Luckily I wasnt born in the theather:). As a kid I remember being crazy about Rajini flicks. I remember this one night from U.K.G where I earned the wrath of my Dad and got beaten heavily. They had to promise me a visit to “Raja Chinna Roja..” to bring my cry down and we went for the movie that night. Almost after eating Samsa in intervals I used to sleep in the night shows. My parents should have been avid movie watchers then. We never missed a block buster and especially Kamal movies. I still remember we prefering “Muthu” but my parents taking us to Kurthipunal.

And looking back my taste of movies is inherited. I still remember watching “Naan pesa ninaipathu ellam”, “Aaasai”, and even some re-releases like “16 vayathinile” as a kid.Then we had to move to a village and the frequency reduced a bit.But neverthless we never missed the essentials till my class 8. It was the only way out for my little family apart from the occasional trips we make to my grandmas place. But there came a big halt from my class 8 upwards. Midlife crisis should have stuck my parents hard(!?). Board exams..blah blah.  I used to go for the fights:) Me and my brother used to enjoy Arjun movies!. My parents dont like Rajini movies and at times will outsource the task of taking us to them:)  I do remember  a crazy movie outing when my relatives took me for  3 shows in a day.But I was never a fan of movies those times.

Std 10 -12 I dont remember seeing a movie in those times.Not that I was a sincere student, my parents became occupied with the mundane things in life. Even I skipped my school after-exam movie party . Moving from Kallakurichi to Karaikudi I had to wait six months to get the urge to watch a movie. We used to screen using VCD players in Common hall during the first sem. I remember watching RUN like that. But it was ANBE SIVAM which turned my perspective about movies. Watching that movie is one of the best moments in my life. Until that point movies had nothing to do with my way of life. But that movie felt like a gentle rain and made my moments. I fell in love with Madhavan and started being a lunatic to watch it(Later I was surprised when he was actually the PREETH whom we used to celebrate in SEAHAWKS!). But I didnt like the Karaikudi theathe and I wasnt even matured to digest certain ‘real’ movies. I still remember walking out of Kadal konden complaining for the theathre and the movie:)I couldnt really accept RAMAVILAS and SHIVAM as theathers and avoided them.

Movies are the only outflow in KKDI too and still we remember the ‘padips’ of 201 checking out Pudhiya geethai in the days before exam. From second year I was a grown up and started checking out all the most marketed movies. Somewhere in that process I began a like for niche movies and started watching certain kind of movies for which I hardly get company. But I was never bothered I could list a list of movies which I watched alone. Moved by the stills of Kalaba Kadhalan I went for it and almost the movie pushed me out of the theatre.(I remember feeling irritated and watching it from the doors of  Satyan in a night show). The entire college used to fill first day night shows for celebrated movies. Boys,Ghazini were few of the highly celebrated movies I could remember. It was a experience which makes a man out of a boy:)! Pandian and Satyan became my favourite theathers.

And I guess it was here I and Ashok started our outings..A evening show and a dinner in royal(For 10 rupees????:)  )Years rolled by and I moved to Chennai.Rakki was the first theather I had to enter in Chennai. Still remember how heart broken we were when we learned that we couldnt watch Vettaiaydu vellaiydu on the first week end. But Yasthobalan took us to Rakki and even got us a ticket using his gimmicks. I even ‘cut’ my office for GURU and went to Satyam on the first day without reserving tickets intending to get them there! But still we managed to get it done in WOODLANDS!:) But then we learned its city and the city life. Some how I was lucky. I always grabbed the tickets in a watchable theather for all my favourite movies till date.

Having KAMALA just opposite to my office I was always found there when I was not in offfice:) I started celebrating movies. Pachai Killi muthu charam..varanam ayiram..Vinnaithandi varuvya.. Are the kind of movies which I lived with. I had all those movies with my gang:):) I even remember sending a mail to my college group asking for a movie outing but no one was interested then. ENGLISH movies??!!! You must be joking MR.Feynman:) — yep I had hardly seen them then! But to just claim that I watched an ENGLISH movie,moved by the ads for CLICK in hindu for a month we went for it. Me,Raja and Ashok.. we had to wait 3 hours before Satyam for it. Even the security there checked whether we were trying to sell black ticket while waiting there. 120 rs for a movie and Ashok told me Its worth it after watching it! We were those cry babies who regreted paying 30 rs while at college.

We decided to check out Satyam english movies and were were lucky .. We had Pursuit of happynes,blood diamond coming one after another. And those movies completely changed us. Ashok went hysterical and even said “In our life we wont step in to Stanford,Harvard and this is the only way for us to feel it”.(Though not in the true sense,today I have stepped in to “Stanford” and got in to Hollywood:)!). We enjoyed spending for movies.

I was extra crazy and checked out many theathers in Chennai. And I was also introduced to torrents through Ananth. I remember downloading during the free hours,waiting one week for a movie.”Stand by me” was my first movie like that.It was a coming of age movie and though I didnt understand it then I liked it. I was agape while watching it. And from there I started my relationship with movies. I began to love them and even started taking notes while watching movies.  I became the source of movies for many . Till date my friends count on me for it. There are certain other friends who go extra cautious and skip the movies which I market:)

Then in Hollywood! I had super duper expectations . In my first week end I checked out the nearby theather for KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT. They had a big tv box and called it a theatre in the middle of hollywood:). I wasnt moved. Then certain movies took me out..SOCIAL NETWORK in Americana. Not bad. I started going to Pacific theathers regularly. Since it costs a bit and due to lack of quality movies I didnt go as frequent as I did in Chennai. But man.. I had this LAPL membership which took me to movies which I wouldnt have watched otherwise. The list is big and diverse ranging from AWAY WE GO to FIDDLER IN THE ROOF. I began watching the extras in the DVD and some where I felt that I watch movies in a different perspective:!

But seriously I would rate KAMALA,PANDIAN SATHYAN as the best movie screens. The experience in those theathres in so personalised and watching any movies was always fun there. I dont find any difference between posh US screens and our screens back home. Cal Science center is an exception.Watching an IMAX movie for the first time there I became  a kid.

This post is already beyond reading limits. My relationship with movies will continue. My friends and I have several favourites from the movies and we literally try to live that life. KNBL was a special place for all of us who were there and we had some incredible movies there.  I wrote this while trying to make some room this week end to check out ARCLIGHT DOME this weekend.

In future I would have a movie room in my house with access to all my fav movies in the cloud.:)


2 Responses to Movie seeing experiences.

  1. Deepak,

    Nice experience and a nicer read. I could relate with many incidents that you have mentioned. However, I find this piece to be too long. Maybe, you should edit things a bit and make it easier for your readers.

    If it is a ‘head fake’ and you are doing it for yourself, then don’t bother editing.

  2. Thanks Saba. It was written for myself.. But planning to write for the readers in days to come.

    Your suggestions will be of great help to leap ahead. Will send you the edited version when its done.

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