Six Dollar plan

I always had this idea, it wasnt made for Los Angeles but for Chennai. We dreamt of just travelling around in the city buses buying the day pass and exploring different ends of the city. But we couldnt do it to the fullest in Chennai. We did do it once and we made wonderful memories (sweet 19:)) out of it. When I came here to LA I wanted to do it. But some how I didnt like this dusty and scary city. I did try to roam around but it didnt yield good results at first. After being here for eight months I was some how destined to use metro rail last week end during my return trip from Universal Studious. Thank JP and time for missing the regular 96! JP and I stroke chord with frequencies in the same channel. We enjoyed that tiny little train ride. I proposed the SIX DOLLAR plan then and he was more than happy to be part of it.

Then came the good saturday, we were four of us. We loaded our metro card with passes and I was half prepared with the destined destinations. I had a plan and got others preferred destinations too.JP pitched in with a few and others were new so they were ready for anything.I used all my knowledge gained from algorithm books(which I havent read fully) and sought the help of our dear friend google and prepared our route.It was flexible and realistic(I became pragmatic:!)

First in line was the central library, the new comers to the city will be enthused by the DOWNTOWN for sure and the kid in me will always be out in that huge library. I had goods to return and that was the first spot of the day. We started exactly at 10 AM from home. The discussions were thought provoking and I was sure then that this gang is all set to conquer the day. No one was in a tone to enjoy library so I was fast to drop and pick goods. We moved on to Union Station – that was JPs prefered spot to see ‘the historic’ nature of it. We took a train from perishing square to Union station.

Union station was very artistic and it had links to other parts of LA and Southern California. Sure it was a nice place to be and we had our time in the little time we had been there. Thanks to google and my mobile, I was always aware of which bus to take and where and when to stand for it. We boarded a bus towards Exposition park -445 where the science center was located.That took us beyond it to a whole new experience.

Only after boarding the bus I realised that I missed the toy district which I intended to visit in Downtown. I was more concentrating on the Science center and missed to remind them about the toy district which was just few steps away from union station. But we decided to go forward and alas we just missed our exposition park stop too. But in LA buses used to stop for every 100 meters or so and I wasnt panicked thinking of the next stop. But good heavens, the bus entered a freeway and picked up rocketing speed and were atleast five miles apart in the next three minutes. Having a day pass and enough time to spend we were never worried. But there was little panic in the group on which bus/train to take and which stop to stand. We roamed around,walked over  a free way stumbled by a non-working lift to the rail station and atlast got a bus back to the old stop.

Science center – This is my third time there and still I couldnt complete it .Its huge and the experience is beyond words. Watching kids get excited about science is a thrilling experience. I lose myself when I watch kids in huge numbers in such a beautiful place. This time we had a stroll around the Rose garden and it was kids everywhere. Everyone enjoyed their presence and it was a nice gang to be with too. We went for the movie “Born to be wild” which was narrated by Morgan Freeman. Usually i used to find only 30-40 members in that movie hall but this time the hall was full and it was packed with kids.The walk after the movie through the hanging beads is an experience which can only be experienced and not described.

From there the next spot was a beach, Venice beach was the pick of the crowd and it had quite a bit of travel from that place.Again my sweetheart helped me with finding the best transits. Since it was a little longer travel I picked my nook and used the time machine  “Ponyin Selvan”  to travel back a few hundred years. One hour flew in few minutes with Kalkis help. Venice beach – though I had been there earlier this time we had unique opportunity to walk in to the streets and we discovered why it was named venice. The streets for once looked like real Venice. I was again lost in the beauty. We watched the airplanes take off from LAX like diwali rockets.We were planning to catch the sunset in the shores of SantaMonica but nature had other plans for us.

It was a little struggle in spotting and waiting for the next bus. The next bus didnt stop in the stop in which we awaited it. So we had to walk a bit and wait for the next bus. Few in the group even suggested to get back home since its getting late. But the rest were enjoying the experience and we continued ahead. It all changed in the last moment when we were about to get down near SantaMonica. A lady suggested out to check  PROMENADE @ Santa Monica downtown which is quite near instead of the usual beaches. She also gave us the bus details to get ack home just like my sweetheart! Walking in , it was a wonderful nightlife down there at that mall and we enjoyed walking around. Just roaming around and catching up the music and dance made us feel good. We filled our stomachs too and decided to call it a day.

Towards the end, most of us become a pro in mastering bus routes and the gang didnt even reach out to my sweetheart for return flights:) We started back and reached home around 10:30 PM. Everyone thanked me and praised my sweet heart without whom this wouldnt have been easier. I also realised that I how I had learned from my past experiences. I preserved the power of my sweetheart ‘Galaxy’ and used it efficiently turning it off whenever possible. I had 40% power back when reaching home.Earlier on another occasion I had to return home within four hours after departure due to lack of battery power:) But today I fulfilled a long lasting dream of mine to roam around to the fullest extent with a day pass and in the process had lot of life lessons. The experience was also fulfilling with different ingrdients satisfying all parts of the body.


Be brave to be lost and you will never lose yourself. Thank you Los Angeles , Los Angeles Metro and my dear friends. It was one memorable day worth to be remembered and retold for generations to come. I will forget the dollars I make for they arent enough even now but these memories are what makes the man in me. I love that road which takes one to Science center from Downtown through USC. It gives me goosebumps as I ride across that corridors.There is something in that air!


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